New update = No ASIO

Just updated to the new version tonight and now my ASIO driver for my Line6 Toneport do not work anymore. I was using them earlier today with no problems. Any advice? I get some error about the buffering/input are not supported by the ntrack or something like that. I’ve checked it all out, they match up.

Hi col200:
Unless another guy has your same hardware set-up you may not gat any replies to you topic… In that case you may have to mail Flavio to see if he might know what issue you might have…

I hope you get it working… and all…


Check to make sure the sample rates are still the same, and supported by ASIO, and make sure you have selected both input and output devices of the same name. During the upgrade some defaults or setting may have changed. AND, it may be time to reset the prefs to the defaults and reselecting everything. I had similar troubles with a GuitarPort a while back. It was a pain to find the right combination and it wouldn’t work until that right combination was set.

ASIO is peachy with my EMU card and Presonus FireBOX… still can’t latencies down as low as other proggies I use but it works.


I don’t have any luck with ASIO and a DSP24 card. There is an ASIO error. Forces me to close 2 or 3 dialog boxes. I tried changing the sampling rate as well.

The MME works well.


I think I have the ASIO driver working with SampleTank LE. Had to start a new song and change the sample rate to 96000. Going to do more testing…

Well it worked for a little while. I closed and re-opened n-track and the drums metronome didn’t work. Then it crashed when I had the piano roll open on the drum channel. Then when I re-opened it it said ‘error loading ASIO driver’ and had to close 3 dialog boxes.

Ah well.

Something is causing the ASIO driver to not work (hang) I don’t know. I also got an error when opening CUBASE now. So I’ll try a reboot.

Why did the metronome not work before the ASIO driver stopped working? Even on metronome test…nothing. Not even on PC speaker. I’ll try a reboot.

n-track FROZE when trying to open midi track properties box. Had to use task manager to close program. Then got the same ‘Error Loading ASIO’ error.

I can record with ASIO drivers, but I cannot pan a channel when using the ASIO driver. If I want to hear the effects of panning, I have to switch to the WDM driver. However, I cannot record with the WDM driver… ASIO worked in 4.x.

Still a few kinks to be worked out. I have to put down a detailed problem description and send to Flavio.


Hi Guys on this thread:
When your setup Hangs or produces dialogue boxes, does n-Track produce a .dmp file? The “Splash” screen will tell you where to look for the file that you will send to Flavio, as an attachment… Describe to Flavio as much as you can (regarding the failure) in the E-Mail and add the .dmp file to the mail… If you look in the “Builds” log you’ll see where Flavio first added the feature to n-Track… any build after that one will produce a .dmp log on your “C” Drive… I have to do a search to find the file… I can’t seem to remember where to find it… But not all the time, does a .dmp file get produced… But if your hardware and n-Track Hangs one should be produced…