new user and n-Track Drums


(Poppa Willis @ Mar. 13 2009, 10:14 PM)

Nothing current or new. Search the forum for more info.
here's a link to the only tutorial video.

n-Track Drums Tutorial

thanks, i found that video, but for some reason, it's not letting me drag my notes like on the video.

i did everything step for step, and it looks like it's going well, but when it comes to dragging where to put the note in the piano roll part, it's not letting me put it where i want to.

on the video the guy does it so easily... i don't know why i'm having troubles.

Here's a link to the Drums Manual.

thanks for posting this… yes, i’m having troubles on the placement of the drum notes on the piano roll part. all i’m doing right now is the exact thing he’s doing on the video, but for some reason, i can’t place the drum note on the corners of the squares like he’s doing. i can either only fill the whole square up with a blue highlight, or get the blue highlight to go to the far left, and then only be a little line, like he does on the video, but i can’t get it to do that on the right side, like in the video. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Did you selct the blue note to add notes?

Someone who actually uses n-Drums will be along soon - I have not used it in years.

ya… that’s what i picked… to bad a mod can’t take my post from the other thread to put in this one… i answered you back in that one… i’ll just keep to this thread with my questions so we’re not all over the place typing to each other. :laugh:

i have to get ready for work soon… and work all day, but i’ll be back tonight to check up on this thread. thanks for your help.