New user having soundcard problems

M Audio 2496 plays back / doesn’t record

Greetings all. I’ve been a registered n-Tracks user for less than a week now although I have had the demo for about a month. I think it is a wonderful product and I am very happy to join a forum comprised of people bright enough to find and use such a great tool (smooch-smooch). Here is the problem: I can insert wave files into n-Tracks and hear play-back just fine but when I attempt to record, there is no indication of input to the program. I am using an M Audio 2496 soundcard with ASIO drivers. I had no problems of this type with Cakewalk Home Studio 9 and the card’s control panel will show Vu meter activity regardless of which application I’m using. I really need to resolve this issue ASAP so that I can quit using CW once and for all. I know that this type of issue has been discussed on this forum in the past although I can’t find any posts that describe an actual solution to it. If anyone here has had this particular problem and found a fix for it, I would greatly appreciate your sharing it with me. Thanks.

I have the same card. Have you set N-track’s wave devices to “M-Audio Delta ASIO” (see File->Settings->Preferences->Recording Settings->Audio Devices)? After doing this, you should see the Recording VU meter(s) (left-hand side normally, the ones on top) moving like the M-Audio ones, and you should be able to record. If N-track records several extra tracks with silent audio, go to the Recording VU meter, click on one of the tiny hammer icons, click the “Select I/O Channels” button, then uncheck the “M-Audio Delta ASIO-2” and “M-Audio Delta ASIO-3” (assuming you’re recording through the RCA inputs).

Also, you may want to keep Cakewalk until you’re sure the MIDI editing in N-track suits your needs. Some people here have mentioned keeping Cakewalk around just for that reason (I did for a while).