New user  - splitting a long recording into cuts?

15 track recording - 57 minutes long

Hi all,
I’m a new user and I have a 15 track live recording that is 57 minutes long!!
I am trying to figure out how to split them into 11 different songs so I can mix them.

n-Track doesn’t seem to be set up to make that easy.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance!

Render (Export) to a stereo .wav file.

Open up the big file in an audio editor (Audacity is free )

Highlight the first song & hit Copy (Control-C)

Make a new file and hit Paste (Control-V) then save the file.

Goto the next song in the big file.

Really the easiest way is to leave them all as one song and use volume automations to adjust volumes for individual songs or spots. (That’s the wedge tool at top, unless it looks different now in V5 since I’m still using V4. You draw volume lines on the tracks.) Use the track faders to get each instrument in the right range, say, on the first song, and use automations for the rest of the set.

Then you can use the method Tim mentions. You can do a similar thing inside n-Track but it takes a few extra steps; it’s really easier in Audacity.

This subject comes up from time to time. I might just make a tool that would make this a lot easier, but I’d need GUI coding help. Still, it would be better if n-Track made it easy. I think I’ll make a feature request.

first MAKE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL - open COPY in N - place timelime between end of one song and beginning of other - hold down SHIFT KEY select top track then select the other 14 in turn - this highlights all tracks - now very carefully click and hold mouse just before timeline on top track, highlight just a small piece of the track - now drag mousr down over all 15 tracks - a small lighter line will appear down all tracks -

now go to EDIT/non destructive-splice at start of selection - N will split all the tracks at one go where you made the highlight -= delete what you dony want and save as new song TRACK ONE - for other tracks you have to make two cuts, one at start of section and one at the end - then delete all unwanted track either side of selection - save as TRACK TWO - and so on -

Dr J

CONTINUED (as EDIT does not work on this board) and clafification -

atfer first song has been saved for second and consecutive tracks you will have to reposition tracks to start of timeline before saving as new song –

to delete unwanted tracks - right click in unwanted track / delete part - when all unwanted parts have been removed HIGHLIGHT all remaining tracks (as said above) then click on small cross at beginning of any track and drag all 15 tracks at the same time to beginning of timeline - save etc etc -

Dr J

I work the mix with the whole show with volume envelopes, effects etc. Then I put markings in between the songs. Then I high light the song between the markings and make a partial mixdown of that song, then another and another 'til I got all the songs mixed.

The result is that I got all the songs starting exactly where another one stops when I burn the gig in cd with Nero us 0 sec interval between the songs - if I want to document the gig as a whole with embarassing pauses between the songs, audience yelling obsceneties etc .