New user practical difficulties in punch in

Hallo I am trying the N-track studio . It is very beautiful and cost effective software and has lof of flexiblilty. It is very professional . All things are fine but I hv difficulties with punch in and multiple takes. In the rest of post I read many things like why we need punchin we get unlimited tracks. But when we are recording 8 chorus tracks then it is very impractical to record all 8 chorus in multiples of 8. and some times we need the take composing means we want to make a right parts in differnt takes. ( It is available in Nuendo, samplitude, sony vegas). I can very well do punch ins. but if I record 1,2,3,4 takes on same region I always hear 2nd take only. So It is very stressing and tedious.I have to 'send to back ’ the take many times. If N-track engineers fix this bug. and if they allow the take composing in same track N-track will surly have no limits and even normal and big studios will please to purchase it bcos of lucrative cost facor. I think N-track has every thing
to compete with much advance software like nuendo even if they raise few dollars more and give like grouping clips, streching audio clips(sony vegas style), take composing. Lot customers will benifit from it.