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Recording 2 tracks at the same time

I have a new HP desktop, it has a RealtekALC 880 Chipset sound Card that came installed with it. I’m using an old PV 8 channel mixer to send sound to the computer. Channel 1-Mic and Channel2 guitar. I’m trying to record both at the same time each going to the right and left channel. I am using an adapter from radio shack that takes two 1/4 in phone plugs down to one 1/8 stereo plug, going into line input. I think I got the settings right, but I am getting both insturments coming through the one left channel or both at the same time. I’m not familiar with this kind of stuff, is there supposed to be a right and left channel setting for the sound card? Or Do I need to invest in another sound card, like the MAudio Delta 44. I’m just trying to set this thing up so I can record some of the songs I have written with a few acoustic instrumentss (Bluegrass). Any suggestions would be very helpful.
Thanks Jim

Hi dobroman:
It’s possible that the Radio Shack adaptor that you got is what is giving you the issue you have…

Try to get one that has two mono input to a stereo 3.5mm male plug on IT… An alturnate to that would be RCA female to 3.5 stereo male plug to fit your audio card line input…

Then adaptor cables from 1/4" male to RCA Male cables to go with your cable set-up…

Keep at IT… you’ll get IT going…


click on the hammer under the “recording VU” meter that your sound is coming in to, and click on “stereo seperate tracks”. This will put the left channel on one track and the right channel on the other track; voila! seperation.

Hope this helps


Thanks Bill, I looked at the package that my adapter came in ,it says “Accepts two 1/4 stereo fits 1/8 stereo jack” So it looks like its all stereo. When I plug the 1/4 plugs into it ,not all the way it comes through both channels, when I push them in all the way they both come through the left channel.

Thanks Jeff, I have selected the stereo>2 mono tracks in the recording settings. I figured that would be the one that would work.
I will keep at this when I get some time.
Thanks for the input.

what is your recording source ?

is “what u ear” selected ?

“Y” adapters have caught me out too. Some are stereo - stereo to allow sharing of a single stereo source (e.g. sharing headphones on an MP3 player), or allow two stereo inputs to combine together. Others, as you need, connect two mono inputs to the stereo ouput jack - one mono input being connected to the tip, the other to the ring of the single stereo part.


Quote (clevermind @ April 05 2006,12:32)
what is your recording source ?

is "what u ear" selected ?

Clevermind, I think this is something I need to know. I'm not sure how to define my recording source.
Where would I find "what u ear" to select .?
Thanks Jim

Quote (clevermind @ April 05 2006,12:46)

Thanks for the link Clevermind, good info.


Plugged into line in. Good.

Set n-track to record “two mono tracks”. Good.

Next, unplug the “split” end of the cable from your mixer. With n-track running, touch the centre tip of each of the two phono plugs one at a time - it helps to lick your finger first. (USUAL IDIOT WARNING: Don’t do this with mains power). As you touch each plug the left and right VU meters should move independently. If this is happening then the cable/PC/software is all set up correctly. If not, it may be the cable as others have suspected, but I don’t think so (afterall what else could a stereo to two phonos do?).

Next plug the phonos back into the mixer line outs. Make sure that the two input channels are hard panned LEFT and RIGHT. Then have a go at recording.

That should be enough to get you going.

Thanks Mark , When I get done with working for a living I will this stuff. Sounds really helpful. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks Much

Thanks All, For the good info. My problem was , the wrong y adapter I was using. Working now!