New version 9 won't play a wave file?

So I have been using older versions for quite sometime and decided to upgrade and buy version 9.
I download it activate it and open it up open a wavefile the the arrow turns green but nothing happens.
I’ve reinstalled it and no luck still? what step am I missing here? any help would be very appreciated

does the problem occur with a particular file? if yes, could you please send it to, so that we can try to reproduce the issue?
If no, are you using an external USB audio device? or the builtin one? Which kind of audio drivers are you using?(Asio, MME, WasApi, you can check this info going to Settings->Audio devices)

I resolved the issue, I found my settings were not correct I had been using the older version for so long I had forgot that I needed to go in and set up for playback and recording settings for my external device. Thanks for the response

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