New Version:  No more EQ Presets?

Where’d they go???

I downloaded and installed the new version of N-Track (4.1.5; not sure which build – pretty sure I DLed ~ New Year’s day). All seems to work great; all my old files work fine.

But when I went to tweak the EQ on a new track, I was surprised to find that not only are all of my carefully constructed saved EQ presets gone, but it looks like there is no longer a way to save EQ presets at all!

This is a huge bummer, because I had saved a lot of different EQ settings that worked well for my particular voice, guitars, etc, and had also set up “flat” EQs with the various key freq bands for each type of instrument set up and ready for tweaking. It was a huge timesaver, and I’d hate to think that I will have to re-invent the wheel each time I record a new track.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah … EQ presets have been gone for a while now.

I miss them too.


I’ll submit a bug report and see what happens.


Bug report submitted!

Thanks, CMW!
Hoping I don’t have to revert to an older version…

I got a response from Flavio:


The preset drop down list should appear selecting “Show all EQ controls” in the popup menu that appears clicking on the tool window in the EQ.


I couldn’t figure it out at first, but I found it …

Just click on the little yellow wrench icon. :laugh:

Thanks to both of you!
You just made my day.