New Version...

Once Upon A Time

My mom’s boyfriend (who is a rabid blues guitarist) heard my earlier version of this song, and wanted me to redo it, using only guitars, no keyboards, and he had me redo the bass, as well. In addition, he did all the lead guitar on his Fender Strat, then I put an auto-tune like plugin called Gsnap on the vocal tracks.

Once Upon A Time @ Youtube

I did the rhythm guitars with his Takamine acoustic, which has a BEAUTIFUL tone :)


Listening now. Headphones.

Yeah, you’ve got your timing much much better on this. I won’t comment on the mix per-se (hadphones).

That Takamine - did you record it plugged in? Just curious.

Oh, and you’ve gone back to that huge reverb on your voice. Would like to hear it with much less.

Bass - is that a tuned down guitar still? Sounds quite a bit better than what I’ve heard on your other stuff. Want me to put a real bass track on it? Drop me a mix without bass and I’ll do one for you. : -)

Gsnap. Yeah, good plugin.

Didn’t watch the vid. Just listened.



Nice that Danny. Would be nice to hear the vocal a tad dryer.

This was an experiment with the auto-tune effect, which is why it isn’t very dry, lol! Have a version with straight vocals, not very much reverb, will be uploading soon.

Hi dannyraymilligan:

Those are nice guitar lines…
The song is very dannyraymilligan…
Maybe, just shorten the reverb tails…
The verb may be O.K.
for the song…
for the song…