New Video -- I Believe


Here is a video…

… that my daughters put together to our song I Believe. After my eldest daughter visited Haiti in June of this year, she brought back these many pictures which intimate the Hope and the need that is within the hearts of the children in Ouanaminthe where unemployment is 80-90 percent; where no economy exists; and unrest still rules the country.

COCINA, Coalition of Children In Need, established by Hughes Bastion in 1996, a native of Haiti, has brought hope in the form of a K thru 12 school and a Medical Center, shows how prayer and action from thousands here in the States has resulted in his first High School graduates from his School, Institution Univers.

Pass this on if you feel you'd like to help. And if you want more info, please email me at , and check out the web site below.] I Believe

I Believe we hold the key to life within our hands…,

Wow - that is great - how did I miss this?

I need to pay attention.

I’ll check out the site Star - thanks for doing something over there.

Hi Gents:

I believe that the UN and Canada and other countries have troops over there to patrol the lawless actions that are going on…
But why doesn’t the UN Have more authority with curing the crime that is going on??
Just who is supplying those people with arms and ammunition.
We just don’t get any media outta there anymore…
Why is that…

What is the rest of world missing that Haiti can use to fix whatever is not right ??