newbie here! LOL!!

cant hear when recording

hello, i’m new at this computer stuff, i’ve been using a stand alone unit for a few years & i’m ready to try something new. i really like this n-tracks, i have the demo version downloaded, but i’m having a problem w/ not being able to hear what i’m recording, the recording input meters are moving but no sound comes out in my monitors or headphones. i thought i’d done everything the tutorial said to do, but i might have missed something. i’ve seen this topic posted already but i couldn’t find it again to see what it said, can sumbody help me please?

I cann’t remember what the exact menu’s etc are, but make sure that your audio out in preferences is set to the correct soundcard output and check that the play VU meter is showing something. Sorry if this doesn’t help, I don’t muck around much with this stuff once its working.

What soundcard ?

If it is a normal windows card, go to the volume control and check that the line in isn’t muted / turned too low.

I am asuming you are using the line in. If you plug into the mic in, check that that one isn’t muted.
The fact that the input VU is moving say you don’t have to go and fiddle with the ‘recording’ controls in your soundcard’s mixer, unless you want to set some levels.