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Stereo effects question

Hello everyone and thanks for this forum!!! It’s been really helpfull so far. I need help with stereo effects. Help section says you can make a track stereo and apply different amounts of effects to each pan but I can’t make it work to save my life! It says to click on the L or R buttons…where are those?? in the effects parameters or on the mixer strip? I’m using n track reverb for the effect. I also don’t quite understand how the stereo button on the mixer strip works. I can click to make it stereo and if I keep clicking the left will be yellow and the right red (I think)…what does that mean?

Any help is much appreciated!

Hey BlueMojo,

Since no one has answered yet, I’ll do the best I can. At the very least it’ll bump your post and maybe cause someone to tell you I’m wrong :laugh: .

The L/R buttons you’re looking for are, I believe, on the effect itself. On the FASoft/nTrack plugins they are little buttons that look like speakers facing out from one another. This controls which channel (L/R) you’re adjusting the effect for. All of the native effects seem to have these but if you use 3rd party effects, not all seem to have this feature, so you might need to work around by duplicating tracks, panning each differently, and applying effects to the separate tracks as needed. If you’re working with a mono track you need to expand to stereo first.

As for the track mixer button with the red and green (yellow? mine are green) lights, they are by default totally “off” for mono tracks, and red/green on for stereo tracks. Turning it to red/green on for a mono track expands it to stereo. I’m not sure what the bright red/green lights mean. I’d assume that they cause n to play the left or right channel only. Whether it plays, for example, the left channel on both the left and right channels as stereo when left is selected, or whether it plays left as mono when left is selected I can’t tell. Anyone?

Hi Guys:
Thank you HotDogWater… You did very well, at describing how that switch works…

When I look at my “Mixer Strips” I try the position the switches to show a “Dull Red” colour… At least I try to default the “Dull Red” colour for all the tracks… that way… But… sometimes you may want to alter that track for a “MIX”… You are given the option… Then you can “Solo” that track to listen at the effects per-left-and-right without messing with the controls and screwing with the knobs…

I describe the switch as… A Stereo-in-Place monitor config for the track-in-question… for the effects you have on that strip…

Does anyone else see it that way??


Thanks guys! That 'splains it pretty well. When I initially tried to alter the stereo effects my cursor would not display the little box that tells us what the two speaker looking things are. It did earlier and then wouldn’t again…don’t know if it’s a cpu or program thing. It seems to work better if I change the track to stereo and then save the file…go figure. Anyway I was able to apply the effects to left and right individually and it works great! Good info to know about the bright red and green being a sort of solo for the effects.

Thanks again!