Newbie Mixer Question

Do I need an interface

Hi, I have a Behringer ub1622fx-pro mixer. Can that be used as an interface ? I have only a one input soundcard. I guess I’m really asking, do I need a new soundcard or can I make the mixer work with the soundcard that I have ? How should it all be hooked up. I’ve been just plugging my mic right into the soundcard. No pre’s or nothing. The mixer has built in pre’s. Thanks alot in advance . It’s probably a stupid question but oh well.

In general, the mic preamps onboard the soundcard are not of very high quality. You will achieve better results with the Berry mixer connected to the line-in of the sound card. With that set up you can record 2 tracks at once. I’m assuming the line-in is a stereo connector so you’ll need some kind of Y-connecting cable.

I presume you have a line input on your soundcard as well? IF so, then yes, you’ll probably get better results going into your mixer and into the left/right channels of your soundcard. That’ll also give you two channels. You could also use the mixer for monitoring if you wanted.


Thanks alot ! So if I use a “y” connector into the stereo input of the sound card I will be able to record 2 channels ? I’m sorry for the silly question again but could you explain how that works ? Thanks again

Right, just pan one input hard left and the other hard right and you can record two separate mono signals at once, or one stereo signal.

In my Berry mixer MX 802A, I go out of the


That Ys into a 1/8" TRS into the Soundcard LINE IN

Out of my sound card “Rear Out” it is 1/8" TRS to Mixer

TAPE IN Left / TAPE IN Right

Out of the mixer PHONES output I have a little headphone adaptor that has 3 connectors on it. There I either plug my speakers in or pull that out and put Headphones in.

I cannot remember why I don’t use the LINE OUT of the mixer??!!??. I’m sure that is what I tried first but rejected it for some reason.

Like Uncoiled said above:

Guitar into Mixer track 1 PAN LEFT.
Mic into Mixer track 2 PAN RIGHT.

Then as long as nTrack and your sound card software are both properly set up, you can record 2 isolated tracks.


I can get a 3rd isolated MONO output from AUX SEND 1 which is PRE FADER and if I open up the mixer and change a link inside, I can get a 4th isolated input by changing AUX SEND 2 to PRE FADER instead of POST FADER.

Doug W