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Question about nTrack

Hello all,

I am thinking about getting nTrack. I currently use Acid Pro 4. Any opinions here about Acid Pro 4 and about whether nTrack will be better? I am not looking to promote Acid Pro or anything I’m just mentioning what I currently have and whether nTrack will be better. :)

Also I have a piece that I put together over many weeks and I was wondering if I could post a link to it here for get opinions on the mixing and all that.

Thanks. :)


not sure that you can make a “better” or “worse” comparison between the two products. while both acid and ntrack are music creation/multitrack software, acid (from what i understand), is more geared towards “loop based” recording. n-track is not as tailored for this (though it DOES have tempo and grid settings).

personally, i like ntrack’s approach better because i don’t really like the loop based way of doing things (aside from drum looping, which i do seperately)… i don’t need those features and i don’t like them cluttering my work space. however, if you DO like working with the loop based editing features in acid, you might miss them if you go to ntrack.

all i can suggest is that you try the demo of ntrack and see if you like it. if you’ve been using acid already, you will probably know pretty quickly if this software will work for you.

edit: and yes, this section of the forum is the place to post links to your music :D

Here’s a work in progress. Now the idea was to create a bluesy sound 'coz I was listening to something at the time that gave me the feeling that I wanted to do a blues piece.

Also the solo is totally made up on the spot and that’s why timing is really off in some place. ‘Coz I was trying to figure out what would work better and hit the record button. I like the solo but would have to actually learn it to do it again and haven’t gotten around to it.

Fire away your opinions.

And please notice my distortion on the rhythm guitar towards the end. I don’t like it. It doesn’t sound like others’. Any suggestions on how to make it fit better would be appreciated.

so was this done in n-track then?

took a listen in the crappy headphones. alot of this sounds more “classical” that blues to me. i like the style. your distorted guitars definetly have that recorded direct sound to them. my early attempts sounded exactly like this. :cool:

i think you should do some experimenting with it and see what happens. this would be a good song to try some stuff out on, too. what mics/amps do you have at your disposal? i would try as i suggested above… mic the amp speaker and fire away… see what you get. if you don’t like, move the mic or try adjusting the amp/distortion and try again. there are alot of resources on the net for positioning a mic on a guitar amp.

post your results so we can hear what you do!

tip: personally, i’ve found that when trying to get a good acoustically recorded distorted guitar tone, it’s better to use slightly less gain/scoop/crunch on your amp than you normally would for playing or practicing. this advice was given to me on this board a few years ago, and i found that it worked well for me. :O

Well it was recorded using Acid Pro. I don’t really use it for any looping abilities that much anymore. I just play it over and over if I have to but I try to stay away from looping.

Guitar - Plugged in direct. :)
Bass - Guitar Pro. MIDI. So I just hash out all the measures and do a MIDI to wave dump using Acid Pro.
Drums - leafDrums using NS_KIT
Keyboards - using Guitar Pro (MIDI) using some organ sound. I could move my real keyboards closer to the computer but that requires work. :)
All other guitars: Fender Squire plugged in and played by me.

I would love to be able to mic the amp but I live in an apartment. And then my family is alway making noise around so I fear the mic will pick up all noises. And I don’t have anything other than the 10 dollar mic that I got at Walmart. :)

And I have a crate amp. :)

yeah, the apt is a tough one… im in the same situation. there are a few “solutions” for that one…

- research a nice fx processer so you can get a better tone recording direct.

- stick the amp and mic in a closet and shut the door. if the closet is full of clothes, i bet it’ll do a nice job of muffling that amp and keeping out the “ambient noise” from the house.

- wait till noone’s home and pray the neighbors don’t complain (i do this often).


not sure how that wal-mart mic will work, but i’d still try it… you never know. then when you’re ready to purchase your first non-wal-mart mic, might i suggest a shure sm-57 or 58. not very $ and they usually work very well on guitar amps.

How about the bass? Too low? Not enough? Too mechanical? Not noticeable? Or? …

Anybody else? Any takes on this? :)

I’d love to listen, but I get a “Site not found” message…

I had put it in my Yahoo briefcase and it stopped linking. I guess 'coz they don’t want people sharing stuff from the briefcase. Here’s the URL again: