newbie question

very basic recording

OK, just want to put down a track, not become a rocket scientist.

can someone walk me through recording a guitar track? Yes, I read the tutorial. Still have questions like, "why can’t I just record the guitar direct, versus using a microphone?"

also, does the trial version come with something I can use for a drum track?

thank you in advance.

Might help you:

Quote (chaz @ July 04 2006,10:31)
can someone walk me through recording a guitar track?

Acoustic or electric guitar?

If acoustic, is it an electro-acoustic ie does it have a pick-up?

it’s electric.

maybe I ought to just start with a drum track. even that’s presenting me with roadblocks. I figured out where the drum machine is. But how to patch in fills and such is still a mystery.

You can record it directly, but it will sound like — well, at best it’ll sound like your guitar plugged into a stereo. Which is pretty bad for most purposes. A lot of the tone of an electric guitar comes from the amp and cabinet. (Guitar amps are not much like stereo amps, and guitar speakers are not much like stereo speakers.)

First, if the guitar has passive pickups (no battery), you need an instrument preamp. Passive pickups don’t have line level outputs, and you want to use line level inputs on your soundcard. Any FX pedal you have that is active when the FX is disabled will work, or any FX that you don’t mind baking into the sound. A noise gate is a great example.

There is software you can use to make a guitar recorded direct sound more like one played through an amp. Check out Guitar Rig by Native Instruments, it’s supposed to be the best. But not cheap, unfortunately. However, doing this by software is not a good way to get started, because it adds a few technical issues, like “plugins” and “latency” and “LIVE mode”.

Still, try it. No harm in it! And if you play certain kinds of music it might even sound right (but don’t get your hopes up). In any case, you’ll learn a couple things about the basics.

But first make sure you have a preamp if you need one. If you don’t have an FX unit to use as a preamp, consider getting a little mixer like the Behringer UB802 ($49).