Newbie Questions! Help Please :)

Hello, everyone. I am a super newb at this kind of stuff. I just downloaded and registered this program due to a suggestion of my friend and I’ve played with it for a couple days and have gotten used to at least recording the tracks and doing very simple things with them. I have a couple specific questions right now that I would really appreciate help with.

Punching In/Out- I cannot make anything to do with punching in or out work. I can’t get any kind of a box to appear. I just have the three icons on top that I can’t do anything with, and I can’t type times manually into the auto punch in boxes. How do I use this feature exactly?

Fade In/Fade out- How would I use such a function either on a whole song or on an individual track? Like say fade from 0:15 to 0:30 from 0% to 100%. Anyway to set that up easily or even difficultly? I can’t figure how to drag and highlight sections of a track at all so if that possible to do that would be helpful also.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help or advice you can offer!

With a DAW there is no need to punch in or out (although it can be done in Ntrack)…Punching in and out was done on analog machines to save tracks…with digital you have an almost unlimited amount…Just record the part as much as you want and then comp the track together OR mix the tracks down to a single file using the volume envelopes on each track to select which parts of each track you want in the final take…sounds harder than it is and means you can change it as much as you want without losing anything…in the old days, once you punched a track you lost that part forever and unless it was a total stinker sometimes you might want to hear it again…


I’d take Ray’s advice on Punching… at least with n-Track. It works but is a PITA IMO. Just record to a new track and then comp the two (or ten) together…

Fades; Look for a little black ‘ramp’ icon on the tool bar. If you click the little down arrow beside the ‘ramp’, you’ll see a list of parameters that can be automated by drawing a curve on the track envelope line. The lines do not appear unless enabled. I believe this is covered in the manual as well. Another option is mixer automation. Hover you mouse over the little triangle and circle looking icons that appear next to the time window on the transport bar. The circle icon enables recording and the triangle enables playback of mixer ‘moves’. It’s been a while since I looked at these… so I may be in error a bit. Just poke around, hover your mouse over stuff for ‘tool-tips’ and download/read the manual.

Good luck!


Awesome! I got the fade-in/out thing working through use of the volume envelope function and I guess I don’t really actually need the punch-in function. So you can actually record a tentative part on a new track and then drag it back on top of the old track somewhere? What do you guys mean by “comping” (I’m guessing compiling?) and how basically is this done? Thanks for all your help so far! I’m working on the manual too, but I’m totally new to this stuff.

Comping (as used here) simply means putting together a composite track from several separate takes.