newbie questions

getting started.

Just downloaded n-track Pro, and get a “recording Latency Compensation” message
If I hit “go” I get “unfortunately, n-track Pro has stopped”.

If I don’t hit “go” I get a single audio track with no track loaded. I have played around looking how to record or load a track and usually get a “unfortunately, n-track Pro has stopped” message before I can find anything.

I am reviewing the manual, but am hoping someone can give me some guidance on how to get things started.

How much RAM does n-Tracker need to run?
I checked my tablet and see ~ 350 MB free RAM, I shut a few apps down and got ~500 MB free but still shutting down n-Track when I try to play an audio track.
I have 1 GB of ram and 8 GB of rom to work with.

Not sure what operating system you are using - is this on the tablet you list? I think you might want to send details to N_track support and see if they can’t help. N-track for android is still pretty new and I don’t know how many android users hang out here yet.

I am new to android, what additional info other than Acer tablet B1_730HD
Android 4.4.2 should I list to indicate my operating system?

That should work to identify the operating system.

n-track support suggested changing my buffers, but acer support sent me to google support. I can not find any website for google android tablet support. Any suggestions on who to contact to find out how to change buffers. I have spent hours on my tablet looking for how to change buffer settings.

Acer support says" I am really sorry to inform that we don’t have instructions to change the audio buffer settings.since it has be unlocked by the developer settings."

Acer forum says the buffers can not be changed. Waiting for n track support to help.

n-track support had me raise buffers in n-track not android.
Still dumps me out when I try to record.

Finally got an answer from n-Track support.
It appears there’s a bug related to a system library on the Iconia One 7 used by our app. We are now working on a workaround to the issue."

Ntrack support fixed the conflict. Downloaded new version of ntrack studio and I am up and running!