Newbie Skipping Problem

periodic skipping

Hello anyone and everyone. I have an Athlon 1.4 gig using an SB Live soundcard for now. I’ve been using the non-registered version 4.0 of n-track for about a month or so. Everything has been pretty good so far.
The ‘On a Roll’ song by Mike Cressey that I downloaded which has 11 tracks on it works fine with no skips as do a few of my own demos with 5-6 tracks on each song - but - here’s the problem. The other day I recorded a single vocal track to fiddle with the 20-band EQ. All was well till I started tinkering with the spectrum analyser and an error message came up. It read 'Error initializing MME buffers - No soundcard installed?'
I clicked OK but the track I had recorded started skipping on playback. Even after I pressed stop it continued for 5-10 sec before the track stopped. After a reboot, I loaded the track again and it played fine, no skipping until I opened the 20-band EQ again. Even after closing the EQ window the skipping would continue. If I exit n-track and reload it again and the single track or any other song for that matter and hit play there’s no skipping until I open the 20-band EQ window. I’ve tried all kinds of things but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Try THIS thread. What version build of n-Track V4 are you running?


Thank you for responding. I was running version 4.0 and since reading the thread you left I upgraded to 4.0.1 but I’m still having the same problem. A couple other things, I’m using Windows 98SE and I also noticed that when I open the EQ window I can’t move the window anywhere, it can be dragged larger or smaller and opened and closed only. Is there any way of shutting off the spectrum analyser?

Can you post some system specs please? Motherboard, CPU, How much RAM…etc…?? It would be a big help! I think you can right click the analyzer window and disable it from there?


Sorry for the long delay in replying. Shift work is a killer. Anyways I did get a chance to tinker with the spectrum analyzer again and found that the window size and the FFT size where not matching or one was bigger than the other.
Once I made the change everything went back to normal and the skipping stopped on playback. I can use the EQ or whatever and it sounds like a charm. Thanks again for your help. :D