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/me looks around at the pointless crap already lying around.

No lickee, no clickee. No seriously - I just had alot to dump & it’s not crap!!!

It is crap and there’s a lot of it. You took your dump now get off the pot.

Your name is displayed in 18 places on page one right now. Don’t you think it’s time to wipe and flush?

“lickee”? Is that a reference to Gene Simmon?

Sorry but defending Kerry against smear is not crap to me.

It’s not the message.

Perhaps standing on a street corner yelling with a sign might be more effective. I don’t think you are convincing anyone here one way or the other other than to stroke your own insecurities. You sure aren’t gaining any votes for Kerry I don’t think. If anything, people are so sick of hearing this banter over here, they’ll vote the opposite just to spite you.

I hope that’s not true because I think Kerry is a good guy & will lead the country in the right direction.

I just couldn’t stand the smear on his Vietnam record. I mean the guy enlisted when so many of our “brave” leaders didn’t (Clinton included). I was ready to go to Canada if I got drafted but Kerry fought in Vietnam - even asked to go there. How much more courageous can you get than that?

My dad was drafted in WWII. He was only 18 or 19. He didn’t want to go & probably wouldn’t if he hadn’t been drafted. He got shot up & almost killed & he’s brave but he still didn’t enlist like alot of guys did.

I have to admire the Bush campaign team for beautifully orchestrating this whole ‘Vietnam record’ fiasco. They have managed to distract people from any election issues that Kerry might want to raise. Instead everyone is obsessed with what happened 40 years ago. Bush must be sitting back and laughing to himself. He didn’t think he’d have it so easy.

Hey, Kerry… “It’s the economy!” :;):

What alternative is Kerry offering? - They way I see it is that he’s not offering a robust, unwavering alternative to any of the main issues. People can’t clearly see what they might gain by voting for him. So, why risk upsetting the applecart? - Dubya has protected them for the past 4 years, so just give him another 4. And hey, he might even catch Osama in the meantime…

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this 2 months ago. But Bush is going to win this.

I’ve got news for you - it’s not a done deal for Bush yet - Electoral-Vote.

Kerry’s has lots to offer - you’ve obviously not been listening to him.

Quote (MidnightToker @ Sep. 09 2004,12:18)
Kerry's has lots to offer - you've obviously not been listening to him.

Because we can't hear him over Bush!

The only thing I've heard or seen of Kerry on the TV here is the 'Reporting for dootee' soundbite. Everything else you have to go searching for.

Bush just dominates the coverage, regardless of which newspaper or TV channel you're talking about. They paint a picture of Kerry bumbling around trying to justify his Vietnam record, while Bush is the 'war leader' standing firm in the face of...etc...etc...

Kerry was completely off TV for the month of August to conserve campaign money. He’s back going strong now.

That’s just… obsessive compulsive disorder. I can think of no other explanation!!! :laugh:

You & your spreadsheets.

I’ve bitten my tongue & been nice for 2 weeks & it’s been killing me!!! I had to endure the “Smear Boat Vet’s for Lies” & DICK Cheney tell us that we’d be attacked if my party is elected - it was almost unbearable.

So um, how many Kerry rallys have you gone to? How many buttons have you passed out? How many voters have you registered? How many phones have you answered? How many yard signs passed out? Bumper stickers? Help with fund raisers? I think those are all much more effective ways to support the cause than litter here.

So post some other things so my posts get pushed to another page. Take charge, instead of complain.

Okay, so no buttons. Got it. And honestly, I don’t have time to find fodder to push stuff aside. What’s the point to posting meaningless drivel?

  1. The smear on Kerry’s military record
    2) Whether or not Bush didn’t forfilled his duties while in the guard
    3) Media bias
    4) The Finn Brother’s new CD

    This is meaningless drivel to you? No wonder people don’t vote anymore.

Ugh, goodgrief, I feel like I am in a Charlie Brown cartoon. You didn’t read what I wrote.

Issue 1: For me to combat your 5000 posts a second, I would have to post meaningless drivel to fill space. I don’t have the time to do this.

Issue 2: For someone who is such a supporter of Kerry, I haven’t heard of you being involved in the campaign other than to post here. I believe your posts here are not the most effective way to further Kerry’s campaign and could actually be a detriment. I think a wiser course of action would be to quit posting pro-Kerry opinions and articles here and call up the local DNC office and ask how you can be involved. Perhaps the more emotionaly gratifying yet less effective path is the one you would rather choose. I thik you are winning any minds here. If anything, you have been a bad example of what a liberal is… Argumentative and unwilling to give an inch. I take the live and let live approach. For each his own I suppose.

My suggestion was to post something else other than keep responding to my “meaningless drivel” (it did seem like you were implying this).

I agree - I could do more to help Kerry but I gave money to him this year which is the first time I’ve ever givne money to any campaign. That’s how I’ve helped him. I also gave money to Daschle.