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Quote (jhonan @ Sep. 10 2004,03:54)

That's just.... obsessive compulsive disorder. I can think of no other explanation!!! :laugh:

Or needing to get a life!
Currently MT has averaged 77.78 posts per day...

It's like talking to some girl that has verbal diarrhea and just won't shut up.

After a while you start to just ignore the actual message and you are just aware that they are there cause the noise is still there.

You just make a judgment call that "I have no time to worry about all the crap that comes out of your mouth because you are either saying the same thing over and over again or I just couldn't be bothered wading through all the crap to work out what your actual point is"

MT - don't take this the wrong way but you seriously need to take some sort of course on EFFECTIVE communication skills.

You may have some valid points. Fact is I read probably 1/10th of your posts because you just post so much crap I couldn't be bothered wading through it all to work out what your point is.


Well, from my vantage point on the US election, it’s much the same as over here:

Six of one… and half a dozen of the other. What do either of them REALLY stand for, eh?

"Hey look! They BOTH have dodgy military career records!!"

You might as well close your eyes and throw a dart at a board - you’ll just end up with the same thing in the end.


I am seeing MT’s name on the right no more than I saw Mac’s so often when he was a regular here. At least MT dosen’t find every little fault in every single thing with every post the way Mac does!


Delusions of grandeur.