Newsweek sugars pill for US

Right-wight media - you decide?

Newsweek sugars pill for US


For some, the world is a tough place, where armed insurgents threaten at every turn. For others, is simply divine, a cuddly, celebrity-strewn nirvana where success is just a camera click away.

This week, Newsweek magazine - motto “Our voices. Your voices. Every day” - illustrates that division by offering readers in different parts of the world different cover stories. The international edition of the magazine, on sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America, features a fearsome-looking man wearing a turban and pointing a grenade launcher towards the reader. “Losing Afghanistan” screams the hard-hitting headline.

Instead of a man with a gun, US readers are offered a woman with a camera surrounded by children and celebrities. “My life in pictures,” purrs the softly spoken headline over a picture of celebrity snapper Annie Leibovitz. While Leibovitz cradles her children, a pregnant Demi Moore and a smiling Nelson Mandela look on.

Newsweek’s international editor, Fareed Zakaria, said that in the US, Newsweek was a mass market magazine with a broad reach, while overseas it “is a somewhat more upmarket magazine for internationally minded people”.

“And as the years passed, America sank deeper and deeper into Americanism”. Olaf Stapleton - First and Last Men.

And this surprises you because???

I’d having a look to see if there’s any other mags in the US doing so. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

I don’t think it’s got anything to do with being a Left or Right slanted media, but much more to do with the idea that even fellow americans don’t see teach other as particular intellectual or concerned with the world beyond their borders. The editors at Newsweek are going for what sells in particular territories.

That or mayeb to say it completely out of context “You can’t handle the truth”. Or maybe, it’s just to close to home to confront the US readership with, whereas 90% of the countries that cover will go to don’t have a commitment to Afghanistan, and hence, can read it in detached comfort instead of being faced with “Hey, we’re wrong, we better change something”.

shrug Is the cover article included in the US edition? Is the photographer artcile included in the international edition? Have you read it?

Storm. teacup.


National Geographic has been doing it for years.

OK - here’s a clear right-wing bias from FOX - FOX called Foley a Democrat

Oh yes… there it is… SOLID proof FOX is biased…

Most likely, Soul Man, the snot-nosed kid in the control room screwed up. Don’tcha think? ???


Well there’s so much proof that FOX is biased, I couldn’t list it all. This is just clear evidence.

Clear evidence someone typed a D instead of an R and hit the go button. I have to admit I don’t like either letter. Give me an F…F…Give me a U…

Quote (Diogenes @ Oct. 04 2006,02:58)
Oh yes... there it is... SOLID proof FOX is biased...

Most likely, Soul Man, the snot-nosed kid in the control room screwed up. Don'tcha think? ???


Fox new you'd say that!

Actually Fox does that kind of thing all the time. Their text box is shown quite a bit on the internets to be biased.



Quote (Mr Soul @ Oct. 04 2006,11:39)
OK - here’s a clear right-wing bias from FOX - FOX called Foley a Democrat

So some idiot in the booth typed a D instead of an R…yeah, that’s real proof.

I’m continually amazed at how much time and energy some folks spend arguing back and forth over stuff they have absolutely NO control over…such as politics. Once upon a time, I used to think the food chain started at the bottom with attorneys, used car salesmen, and to keep this somewhat on-topic since we’re on a music board, booking agents. Politicians have GOT to be the bottom of the barrel, though, if not actually existing as the scum on the bottom of the barrel. Regardless of party, all of 'em suck. They all lie. Doesn’t matter if they’re republicans or democrats, doesn’t matter if they’re mayors, congressmen, senators, or presidents, they all suck. Show me an “honest” politician and I’ll supply the Ritz crackers so we can have some green cheese from the moon.

The only control anyone has is when they go to the voting booth. Once that’s done, continually whining about everything a politician does or says serves no purpose whatsoever. If a democrat gets elected, then the republicans spend his entire term trying to discredit him and vice versa. They need to spend that energy trying to fix stuff rather than play the blame game constantly, but then I suppose folks wouldn’t have anything else to whine about incessantly. You don’t like him? Fine, vote for somebody else next time. Whining about it for 2, 4 or 8 years ain’t gonna change a thing.

Mr. Soul and ksdb remind me of a couple of little kids bickering with each other - “prove it!” “nuhn-uh, you prove it!” “nuhn-uh, YOU show me the proof!” Jeez, don’t make me stop this car!


A lot of idiots out there then!

Lookie here Slapper

Clinton R-CA