NHL strike is over...


except for here in Toronto, does anyone really care?

Some folks in Michigan do! :D :D :D :D :D

The NHL was on strike?

(actually, I think I did hear something about that)


I don’t blame you for not noticing!

Seems to me the union failed the players mightily this time around. What say you Tom?

what is hockey?


Quote (clark_griswold @ July 14 2005,08:45)
except for here in Toronto, does anyone really care?

umm... no.


Hey, Columbus is thrilled. Our downtown is practically built around hockey. The past year has been very very hard for the downtown businesses.

Same in St. Paul. They revitalized a really crappy part of St. Paul when the Wild started play. Alot of bars took out alot of loans with the city to remodel and makes themselves into sports bars. I don’t think they have had good times without those 42 home games.

Did the PA REALLY think they were going to do better than this when this started 300 days ago?

Let’s see, are the Carolina Hurricanes still a NHL Team? Actually it has hurt local revenue here, cause no one really gives a crap bout hockey. What do you call the machine that keeps the ice in shape? Zamboni? Bamboni? Trumboni? Who knows, but glad to know the strike is over, (when the heck did it start?)

Quote (clark_griswold @ July 14 2005,10:02)

I don't blame you for not noticing!

Seems to me the union failed the players mightily this time around. What say you Tom?

Dunno, I haven't seen what they ended up with.

Personally, I blame Bettman and G.W. Bush, just on principle, :D

Hi Tom. and All:
Well, keep this name on the front burnner… Sydney Crosby… He is on his way to be the next Wayne G… He lives just down the street from me… He’s 17 going on 18 and has been playing in the QMJHL for a couple of years now… If the strike would have continued for another hocky season he would have begun his Pro Hockey over in Switzerland…

I don’t think he’ll have to worry where his next Beemer or Benze is gonna come from… He may have to suffer it out for a couple of years being a newbie inpro Hockey… but after that he’ll just have to worry about where to “Salt” all that spare cash away… That’s if he don’t get Ruffed-up-on-the-Boards…

He started out playing in the same Barns that my kids started playing in… But he’s goinna be one kid to watch…

Playing :p OCKEY :p … lol…

Bill… :p

Man oh man I have been following Crosby for the last two years. (Let’s give a cheer for the internet!). I hope the guy tears things up but good. It would be soooo sad if he turned out to be another guy who looked like a great one but couldn’t cut it in the NHL. Anyway, you bet, Crosby, he’s the guy to watch. :D :D :D :D :D

Hey, get me his autograph and I’ll trade you a nice mic for it. Well, a pretty nice mic!

Hi Tom:
He’s big news here the neighbourhood… It’s a real positive story… It used to be 1-in-1000 kids would make it into the pro’s… I think it’s more like 1-in-1500 that get the nod… Well… Who’s the guy from in PEI ?? Brad Richards… The winger who is on the Tampa Bay Bench? The guy from Murray Harbour… He’s an idol amongest the Kids over in his Home-Town… He’s really looked up to by the kids over there… He’s a real insparation to the young hopefuls… There was a kid that skate’d with one of my young fellows in Pee-Wee and Bantom… His name was Cam Russell… He skate’ed the Blue Line on the Black Hawks Bench… Till he got Rubbed up on the Boards… After his Midget days he left home and was picked up by the Wayne G. camp… He played on a QMJHA run by Wayne… But, you see… That’s only two kids that floated to the top, from this community… No… I think there was a Goalie that got picked up by the Buffalo Organization… Darren Beiles… See? I remember… These kids had the same coach… right through their minor hockey days… My young fellow was too small to play midget… But he could skate like the wind… They played him at Center ice… He was too small to play anywhere else on the ice…


Dang, Bill, I thought it was cool that Eddie Giacomin coached our bantam team and I played on a line with his son. Well, hockey down here is still not and never will be at the same level as it is in your neck o the woods.

Anyway, having looked at the agreement, it seems to me that the players took more of a hit, but the cap will be very good for the sport, and it’s not like Forsberg won’t be making millions a year even if he doesn’t play for Colorado.

And isaac - note that the solution is not a free-market one, but rather an administered market. What would Rand have said about this? ???


What would Rand have said about this?

hopefully, she would have been three rows up from glass with a beer in hand screaming for more agressive checking from the third line… :D

concerning free market attachment to sports, i only would consider the market side to be for the spectators/viewers… employment agreements are no concern… this is between the owners and players… if i don’t want to watch a game, then i won’t… something i hear is happening to the NBA…


When I was around the minor hockey, there was never enough ice to go around for all the age groups… We used to have to go 50-100 miles to find ice time… then at 5am in the morning… We had one barn in my neighbourhood… Now we got two sheets of ice and it still can’t be had at decent hours… At one time I can remember that minor hockey including ice went for about 1500.00 a season… I shudder to think what it costs now… We had fun then… If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing…

My memory goes back to when our Barn went competitive for the first year. Our boys were at the Pee-Wee age… We played the first game of the season at a neighbouring communitity… My young fellow scored the first goal of the first game, at that level… What a great goal, it was… We won that game 2-1… The game got over and we packed up and went to the car… I had two tires slashed in the parking lot, that night… Winning comes with a price… lol… :O ???

This Owner/Player Contract is only the tip of the iceburg, for the other pro sports, around the country… I think Baseball should have to fall in line… Same with B-Ball… and NFL, and all… I’ve never seen a Pro Level Game… I don’t think I could afford to go to see one… Even if we had pro level in our town…


I dunno about baseball, seems like some folks spend a lot and don’t get much, and others don’t spend much and get a team.

Oh, yeah, sort of like the NY Rangers and teams like Calgary or Buffalo. :)

I was a fan of Buffalo when Scotty Boman was behind that bench… What an insparation he is the the kids he coaches… I followed the Habs when he coached that bench…

It appears that Sydney wants to go to Montreal if they’ll draft him… It’ll be interesting to see if the Hab’s organization will pick him up in their draft pick… I don’t follow that part of the sport… Wasn’t DRAFFT DAY late last week??


Isn’t the draft at the end of the month?

buffalo has nearly always had great coaching.