nice thoughtful friends are cool

My jersey…

are you going to be on that bbc show ‘footballer’s wives’?

Footballers insignificent udders

Poppa has “man udders”? Ewww… :laugh:


Very nice Poppa. I guess you will be the only one in town with an Arsenal shirt :cool:

You’d think I’d have an Owl’s jersey but NO!!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 21 2009, 9:32 PM)

You'd think I'd have an Owl's jersey but NO!!

Scandalous!! :) :) :)

When somebody hits the bigtime, maybe he’ll buy us all an O :laugh: wl’s jersey.

Who are the owls?

The “Football” team Craig wrote the theme for. Sheffield Wednesday Owls.

Quote: (kevinmyers @ Apr. 22 2009, 4:52 PM)

When somebody hits the bigtime, maybe he'll buy us all an O :laugh: wl's jersey.

Go Craig-er Go! :laugh:

If anybody on here has "the stuff" to go 'big-time'... it's Craig Vietch. IMO and no offense to any of you other talented dudes/dudesses here. Seeing what's "pop"ular now a days and knowing what Craig can do with his song writing skills and that voice of his... I wouldn't be surprised at all if he made a few serious pounds at this game.


PS You Brits are still on 'Pounds' right? No Euro's for you guys yet right? Just wait... we'll all be on the "Baracka-buck" all over the world before too long. That is if he can keep his shirt on and stay off the darn talk shows long enough to do some actual PREZIDENTIN'!!!! Our new "Pop Star" President... good grief...

PPS But... what do I know? I'm just a soon to be unemployed dickhead...
:;): shucks..thanks.... :agree:

Judging by how the song is selling I'll be unemployed too...(you ain't no dickhead tho D)
Still pounds here yup...I wouldn't mind Euro's or fact both me and my little lad would move to the States in a flash...

You got some good mates there Poppa! :agree:

Ah but Craig… the public is FICKLE. The reason you have a shot is versatility and a knack for the “pop”. Keep at it and get your music out there. There are enough awesome guys/gals here to help if you need a hand. If you hear it, write it. If you can’t or don’t want to play it, somebody here will step up.