No control of input levels using ASIO

Audigy 4 problem

I’m using an Audigy 4, and the 24/96 ASIO driver.
I can see 6 input channels (3 pairs), which correspond to the 3 physical stereo inputs on the Audigy box. They aren’t named correctly (they’re all named the same), but they work OK. I can do 6 channel 24 bit recording.
An annoyance is that I can’t control the soundcard’s input level control in any way, with either the Windows volume control, or with the Creative app (“surround mixer”) that came with the card.
Is this normal with ASIO drivers?
Anyone with an Audigy solved this problem?
Thanks for any help.

Have you tried the wdm drivers?

windows volume control is out of circuit when using the audigy -

i only have 1 input on my Audigy (but the two cant be so far apart) above the Record fader on the Audigy mixer is an icon click on the icon by default it says “spdif in - what you hear and wave/MIDI/CD” click on ‘what you hear’ and it will change to line in/mic in - now you can adjust the input level -

Dr J

The WDM driver only supports 2 channels, whereas I want to use 3 or more.
If I set it up to use 2 channels I can control the volume as suggested, but I want to use multiple channels, and therefore need 6 recording level controls.
It would really be a shame if the only way I can do this is by having a pre-amp on each input.
BTW, sorry to be so long responding, but I couldn’t get logged on to post a reply - it kept saying “welcome” and then not allowing me to post.
Thanks for your responses.