No EQ on midi audio channels.

7.0.2 3047


I’m not sure of what you mean by “midi audio channels”… MIDI channels don’t have the EQ, EQ is not a standard MIDI property. MIDI tracks don’t have neither the three small EQ knobs nor the EQ button in their mixer stripes.
When you send a MIDI track to a VST instrument you can apply the EQ to the instrument channel.


Thanks flavio. My apologies - though I’m not exactly a newbie. I do indeed mean that, on 3047, I have no EQ on the audio channels that are running VSTi’s - (the strips that DO have the appropriate knobs and buttons :wink: I do however need to sort this in a rapid fashion so if you could recommend a roll-back build I would be most appreciative.

Tony, I was able to reproduce the EQ not working on instrument channels. It appears the problem originated in v7.0.2 and is related to the “Decreased CPU usage when using multichannel instrument plugins” enhancement.
We’re working on a fix but it might take a few days. A workaround is to add the n-Track ParametricEQ to the channel (which has the very same EQ characteristics as the built-in channel EQ), or alternatively rollback to v7.0.1 which shouldn’t have the problem (you can download it clicking on “Download older versions” from the download page).


Thanks, Flavio.

Hi Tony,

the EQ issue on instrument channels should be fixed in build 3051. Please let me know if you still see this or similar problems with the new build.


  1. Seems fine with new projects - no auto-play when editing in pianoroll and eq is functional on instrument channels.
    But on the the occasion that it doesn’t crash when opening any of my existing projects, the main mixer is empty.