No fair

Arrrrrgh :frowning:

Today’s been gutting, for the first time since the holidays I actually sat in front of N with my guitar and pressed record.
I’ve written what IMO is a brilliant song and I can’t wait to get it recorded but every thing’s gone wrong.
My tascam won’t work coz my usb cable’s dodgy,
Every time i switch from left to right channels an error occurs when I press record,
The mic appears to be working beautifully but my guitar is distorted and barely recognisable and It’s gotta be time of month coz I’m gonna need a good excuse for the mood I’m in when Rob gets home!!!
Ange x

Well - you need a new cable? Have Rob bring one home - troubleshoot that first…

Sorry kiddo…

Are you using a Tascam 122?

A little thing about USB cables. This sounds very much like 2 things. First power and second the USB plug itself.

Please let me explain. First check power, If it’s USB powered change USB ports. If your running through a USB powered hub, and try a different USB port.

Also, the square female connection of the USB 2, that would be the “in” on your device, is just a plastic square looking hole surrounded be very thin tin. Over time the tin expands making the hole larger and as result the USB 2 plug “Wiggles” around causing mis connections, which can play havoc.

If the device your connecting to seems loose, you can bend the tin to make the connection tighter but be “EXTREMELY CARE FULL” not to collapse it. Finger nail pressure is enough to bend this tin surrounding the whole.

I’ve had a number of devices not work properly over the years as a result of very poor USB connection including the cable ends that go to the computer. They too will eventually need a little “Squeeze” to make the contacts better.

Hope this helps


Are you using a Tascam 122?

us-144 me thinks

Finally got it working ok, Thanks for your help paco.

Turns out that it wouldn't record because on one of my obsessive compulsive organising frenzies, I tidied the 'new recordings' folder away and didn't tell N-track where to look for it! :laugh: I is a wally.

here's hoping for a better take today :)
thanks again.

Ange x

What, do tell, is a “wally”?

“Definition of WALLY on the Web: a silly and inept person; someone who is regarded as stupid”

Ange x