No Mandolin


But at least it has preachy lyrics and jangly guitars. “Fools and Paranoids” here:…7204685

Needs some mixing, but that’s usually the nature of things anyway.

thanks for listening! :agree:

Listening on laptop speakers: sh!tty snare & lead guitar sound. No snap & too snappy, if you get my drift :p
The rest sounds pretty good from here. Cool song & arrangement :)

I think the descending chords in the verses are great, another great melody from you. What I’m hearing here I like the mix. Great feel to the song, easy to listen to.

Are you sure you want to doubletrack the vocals in the choruses? Like at 2:08?

Good tune, Liked it for sure!

Definitely a keeper. Mix-wise, I like jangle, but not so intensely.

Thanks for the comments, guys. The vox at 2:08 and everywhere else were done pretty sloppily - I think they need redoing in general, not just there.
Double tracking is essential on this since I can’t sing it very strongly.

Hmm. No snap and too snappy on the snare? Hmmm…how does one fix that?

Me, I kinda like the “lead” guitar sound. :laugh:

Classic TomS - wouldn’t change a thing. Is that jamstix?

No, it’s snare and kick samples triggerred by me on a midi keyboard, edited to get them in time and remove my tendency to “lope,” and then me playing cymbals and some “fills” (for lack of a more accurate term - well, not really, “random slaps and drunken punches” might be more accurate) on my fine garage sale kit - which is the equivalent of Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time” Cadillac…

Now, I have a question - don’t all snares sound poopy on laptop speakers? :whistle:

A 12 string lead? Whatever, sounds very cool! Vocals are fine too. Snair sounds on a laptop? Depends on the laptop but obviously not as fat usually.

Nope, not a 12 string, that’s my strat through a really whipped sound on one of those little vox amps with the modelling.
But the “solo” is about 2/3 double stops, including lots of octaves.

Weird thing about the strat - I have had it for 25 years - had to get it re-fretted, and also had some sheilding put in, b/c our 83 year old house is an electrical mess - only way to get buzz free recordings with single coils is to go to the main circuit box and turn off everything but the studio feeds - anyway, the shielding did not help much (maybe not at all, hard to tell) but it did change the tone signficantly, emphasizing high frequencies.
Why would it do that?
It’s cool for some things, but it makes it hard to get the Alex Chilton-Big Star sound that the guitar used to be so good for.
It’s one of the reasons I’ve been playing the PRS mostly for the last two years.

Yup classic TomS.

I like that snare sound too :agree:

I’d have upped the bass a little, but maybe that’s my new 'phones?


Thing is, you guys always give good criticism gently. I appreciate that. :agree:

Appreciation of someone’s styling is essential in commenting I think. :agree:

Although I wonder what apprecation means.
I’m not a fan of metal stuff, e.g., but I do have opinions about what is “good” or “bad” in some sense.
I can tell when the bass or vox or whatever are well done, whether the structure is interesting, even when it doesn’t move me.
On the other hand, I find more and more that genre lines are meaningless to me.
E.g., I have the same reverence for Howlin’ Wolf that I do for, say, Elvis Costello, or Hank Williams.
Or Brahms, who is, after all, king.
But I still mostly don’t get rap/hip hop stuff, or lots of electronic stuff (e.g., I have no intutions about drum & bass, and very little inclination to listen to any - but there must be some good stuff out there…).