No mic input recognized by ntrack

No mic input recognized by ntrack

I messed things up. I played around trying to get midi to work. Gave up on that, temporarily, but now I can’t get ntrack to recognize any mic input. It’s as if the mic was off or not connected, but it is.

- The mic input reaches the sound card, because I can hear it from the sound card output.

- I verified that “Recording Mixer COntrols” has microphone selected and “Record Mode” is set to Audio.

- When I record, a track is created, but the record vumeter is unmoving and the resultant waveform is flat.




Up in the menu bar, you might see a “keyboard” looking tile or icon. Click on this until you see something like a microphone…

If you have everything setup, you should be able to record something. If you still have trouble, come back and let the forum know, someone will continue to guide you along.

Do you have monitoring turned on for the record vumeter (the green light) if so then you should see the record meters moving once you plug your mic in.
Then make sure you have that channel armed to record (the red light)


You also have to have the mic turned up in in “Recording” in volume control, but I’m sure you knew that already.