no mono?

Stereo works, not mono

Today I bought a new Focusrite Saffire 6 usb interface. I have n-track 5.1.1. It works in stereo, but if i selct mono in N-Track,I get an error that it cant open my device. Any Idea why?

if it’s anything like my ONYX 1640 it pairs things in stereo pairs, however it records them in mono.

I’ve never had to select “mono” in Ntrack, so I’m not sure where you are doing that, eg. preferences, the hammer setting in the Rec Vu meter, etc etc, with the ONYX it just records in mono regardless…

out of curiosity when you click the hammer on the REC VU meter how many channels show up named USB Safire or whatever their driver is called?

on mine it’s 8 but there are actually 16 mono tracks being recorded at once, we got to start PickN around the problem. :D

hope you get it sorted,


Thanks for the response! I’ve been around a while, just don’t post much.
I’m Cool…apparenty…my new interface ALWAYS sends out two channels…so by selecting N-Track to record in mono (via the hammer in the recording VU meter)…just can’t be done…N-Track doesnt know which of the two channels its recieveing to record.
The solution is to disable one of the two recording VU meter channels…the one you don’t want. Then you get a single mono channel. …Although your recording preferance is set to “stereo two tacks”…one is disabled.
Nothing is wrong…just the old learning curve! :laugh:
Now…if anyone out there knows a better way…

yeah, I remember you Pick, you’re cool. :agree:

glad to hear you got it sorted.

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jerm :cool: