no mp3 when i mixdown

using ver 3.3 and trying to get an mp3 file whenever i mixdown song. after mixdown i get error msg saying i need to go to the BladEnc website and download and unzip the Bladenc win i586 version. i’ve done this and still get the same error msg.

need help

Did you unzip it to the n-Track Studio/Blandenc folder?

tks 4 the reply tom, yes i did. as a ,matter of fact i did it twice because i couldn’t remember what folder i unzipped it to the first time. is there any kind of an update or patch ? would uninstalling and reinstalling the program help? i’m at wits end here.

There are other better ways of producing an MP3.

you’ve got my attn.

on another note. the tunes i wanted in mp3 format-- what’s the best way to get them (via computer) to someone 500 miles away. email is obviously not the answer as an mp3 file would still be too big for an attachment, right ? maybe i can’t send the tunes-- maybe they have to download them from me (or something)

to some of you i’m sure this would seem like a very elementary and fundamental question but i’m a musician and don’t really fool with the computer part of it very much and my knowledge is limited. I’d hoped i could get an answer from you rather than having to post it on the “big board” for God and everyone to see. if not i’ll post it soon.

Don’t create the MP3 in n-Tracks since it doesn’t appear to be working for you (I had a hard time getting it to work long ago – still don’t know why and never followed up).

Do a mixdown to a 16 bit stereo 44.1k wave and convert that using one of the many Wave to MP3 utilities available. Many are great and cheap to free.

Google Search Wave to MP3

I use AEDT and dbPowerAmp (neither are free to do MP3, at least the latest version of dbPowerAmp isn’t free anymore , it use to be - AEDT was never free).

The my be small enough for email. If not then you’ll have to post them to some web space. Other folks have some good suggestions for that. I have my own web space so I don’t really have a good suggestions about what’s out there and free, though there are some good spots. I’ll let those that know the correct answers follow up about that. I’ll screw 'em up for sure.

The older versions of dBPoweramp still support MP3, but just recently I’ve started using this that Bill (wox) put me onto:

Cheetah Converter.

It’s free.

You can email MP3s. It all depends on the size of the recipients mailbox. Many (most?) pop3 mailboxes are limited at 2Mb.

…and also remember that a lot of the world are still on dial-up and might not take too kindly to a huge file being sent without prior knowledge.

Then again, use one of the free music pages like Motagator (run by one of our own).


I stumbled across this a few days ago, haven’t tried it but it looks like it would fit the bill for sending files:

tks 4 the response guys, i really app the links and cant wait to follow them up.


I second the idea. Paul, the site owner, will give you 20 Meg of space for free and you can upload your MP3s there for exchange, etc.

I also use Cheetah for file conversions. It does batch conversions and it is free.


Don :D