No Sound!

Output thru headphones

I am brand new to n-Track 6. I am getting visual presentation of input of guitar thru snakelight cord but no sound out or presentation of sound out on meters.

Have you tried the monitor LIVE button?I’m on my phone or I would go into more detail.
Someone should help you out soon. Hang in there.

Thanks for responding- Yes, I did push the live button and pushed record also. I can put an MP3 file in as a track and can hear that perfectly but not the live playing of the guitar.

Try checking the output of the track and your soundcard settings. Tell us more about your system - I find folks with similar systems tend to help more.

Hi Problems like this usually revolve round the windows sound mixers, there are two of these one for play back and one for record. In the record mixer you need to have selected the input you are trying to record.

See this

Thanks Nick… I read the cakewalk directions and it helped. I also did some more experimentation, carefully resetting the input and output sources, and actually got sound out! Now, the problem is LATENCY!! Wow, is there ever a time lag between a note played and a note heard… So bad that it is absolutely un-playable! Any helpful ideas?

The live button.

Where are you monitoring the signal? Does the Snakelight cable allow direct monitoring of the signal or do you have to listen through the PC’s built-in sound card? If it’s the latter, you are going to have a tough time of it. This is because you are dealing with two different devices. The Snakelight conversion delay to the computer via “legacy” USB driver which is NOT optimized for audio AND the software delay of n-Track AND the delay of the soundcards processing.

If you give us a little more information, we might be able to better help out. PC spec’s, your exact signal path, driver settings in n-Track etc…


OK I give up - what is a Snakelight cable ?

Google “Soundtech Light Snake”. More trouble than they are worth IMO.

Err… no offense to Tyler of course… :)


Hi, If you can, try to use your computer soundcards “line input” jack socket if it only has a “Mic input” try that though it won’t be ideal. To avoid latency don’t use n-tracks live mode and monitor using the soundcard “playback mixer” where you would use the Line in channel to hear your incoming (guitar sound) and the Wave channel to hear the previously recorded tracks. This will work fine without latency but you won’t be able to monitor with any software effects on the guitar.

Plugging a guitar directly into the computer soundcard isn’t ideal due to Input impedance issues. If you have a guitar amp feed the soundcard from a line out or effects send jack. Don’t plug the amp speaker output directly to the soundcard.


I’m not too sure that the line-out from the amp would be a good idea - would very likely over-drive the mic imput.
The best solution here is to get a better sound card that is set up for line-in audio.
I’d also suggest spending a little more and getting an audio card that runs at 16 and/or 24 bits and can handle 44100 or higher as a standard (not the Soundblaster type card at 48000).
Many can handle the direct feed from a guitar or bass and allow you to monitor the feed instead of the processed sound ( the Live button in n_Track).
Being able to listen to the sound cards input instead of the Computer’s Output will get rid of most of the latency and give you a much better experience recording.
Tascam makes a USB unit (used to be a US 122) that can do the job nicely and you can carry it from computer to computer - there are others.
There are others that may be cheaper, or even better.
But you probably will not be happy recording until you get an audio sound card.

Thanks so much for all the help! I did change out the “Lightsnake” cord (I think I got it right this time) and instead, used an adapter plug into the “line-in” of my laptop. I’ve got Realtek HD settings as one of my options so I’m assuming that is my soundcard. I had some limited success at the recording part of my quest, but that is due to my lack of knowledge and lack of experimentation with all the settings. I did, however, have absolutely fabulous results mixing myself into sound from the dvd player! I’ve been playing along with Clapton, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Johnny Winter, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crowe, and Albert Lee all afternoon (after not playing for several months due to a broken finger) and now my hand is so sore I gotta give it a rest! Again, Thanks! It’s nice to know you guys are around when I need more help.
Richard Tyler