no sound from midi file

So made a midi file ,imported it into n then opened my sound font player loaded a sound font set the midi track out put to the vsti push play i see the track meter going up and down but no sound and no movment on the master meter?


Didn’t we do this somewhere else recently?

Ah yes: Here it is:…;t=3849


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NopeFlavio exercised the demons…woohoo

Your demons got a good workout?

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I’m sorry. It’s just that the idea of exercising demons makes me laugh.

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if you view, mixer you should see two mixer channels…one for the MIDI, one for the Synth (it will have your soundfont player listed as an effect) . if you right click on the Synth mixer you can make sure it is output to your soundcard.

Ok ive tried all of that and no help.when i play live it works or make events in the piano role but when import a midi file it stops producing sound even the other midi tracks using sfz stop working.


have you seen the sfz tutorial here : Audiominds

it is simple and will help a lot (well, it helped me)



It was a simple step that i was skipping the audiomind site help greatly.



It was a simple step that i was skipping

Just for the record, what was the problem?

its a nice feeling when things work out…

let the fun begin…


A few things with that tutoril… you don’t have to drag the note to map it. I prefer to use the track properties and transpose the whole track. (This only works with a sinlg enote track though.) Also, you can skip the render step and just play the tracks. Also, with the new freeze funtion, the whole render and import step is no longer necessary.

bubba…is that true in v3.3 also?