no sound from some SF'S

Ok;thanks to all who have helped me with the midi soundfont stuff and now I’m all organized in my fiile structure and how to use this stuff so I’ve been downloading soundfonts and FX mainly from KVR audio. Here is what is happening. I’ll open a new inst. under midi for each track that I want to use a dif. SF. I even figured out how to browse in SFZ! I open the SF I want close SFZ. but only some produce sound. Some don’t. Is this the SF is just crappy…of which I’m finding a lot of them are even if they do produce sound. Or am I missing a setting that makes them audible? Yes I am going to the output box and choosing the correct output mode by rt clicking on the track #.

Thanks in advance

Cruiser ???

anybody? ???

You (or your midi file) may be selecting a bank/patch that does not have an associated sound in the SF.