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opening previous version projects

I know this has been addressed in the past but I can’t find the thread. I would really appreciate a suggestion.
When I open a project done in a previous version, none of the tracks with efx or plugins plays back - until you remove and then re-add the efx & plugins.
I have 10 songs that were done using ver 2.3 which I want to remix. Each has 10 to 30 tracks with a bunch of efx and plugins on each track. Removing and replacing each track’s efx and plugins seems to be almost too monumental to even think about let alone actually do.

Is this REALLY THE ONLY WAY to tackle this project?

The songs were done using Ver 2.3, I now use 3.3. I have purchased the 4.xx version but am reluctant to install it since I have read on this forum that it won’t open projects done in previous versions.

Appreciate the help




IIRC (it was a while back now), there was a bug/problem going from 2.3 to 3.x whereby the Aux sends and some of the other settings “went screwy” - eg very, very large numbers. Move the sliders and all became well.

Not exactly what you’ve described but might help.

BTW… I’ve pretty much kept up to date with every version and I’ve not had a problem with opening earlier projects since that issue back at 2.3… Perhaps it’s true that V4.x can’t open v2.x projects, but if you convert them to 3.x first I don’t see that there would be a problem.



Ill give that a shot…and I will eventually load up 4.xx. The problem is converting them to 3.3 first. I have to re-do each track in each song. Oh well…like I’ve said before, its a labor of love…