No sound while recording

No sound while recording

I am a newbie to home recording. I would really appreciate anybody’s help with my problem.

I am not hearing any sound during recording. But whatever comes inside the ntrack gets recorded, because I can hear them by playback. Is this it how works? I am sure I am missing something.

I confirmed my soundmax card is duplex, which can playback and record simultaneously.

Please help.

Check the Windows Mixer/Volume control-make sure that the Master Mixer slider and the Wave slider are not muted

In Windows Control panel check Sounds and Multimedia devices->Audio tab->Make sure that your Playback, Recording, MIDI devices are all the correct ones

Check ntrack settings under File->Settings->Preferences->Audio Devices->make sure that the right device is called out there for playback

If you have a real world mixer you’re using check all those buttons etc

Thanks for the response Doug !!

I have done all that you’ve said. Still having the issue.

In Windows, none of the recording source or playback source are muted.

In ntrack, I have selected my soundmax as the device.

Not sure, if this could be the reason. In my windows Audio/Recording properties, the “Advanced” setting button is disabled. Is there a setting in there that says “play while record” kinda thing?


Here are some other things you can try:

You need the Advanced tab to set Hardware acceleration to Full and pick the type of speaker system you have.

Check for latest version of drivers for your sound card-Update those.

Check in the Control Panel->System->Hardware Tab->Device Manager button->Sound Video and game controllers-see if there are any yellow exclamation points

Check which version of DirectX you are running
Start->Run->Type DXDIAG

You should have at least DirectX 8. With Windows 98SE and above, Ver. 9C I believe, is the latest you can download from Microsoft.

No good yet Doug !!

My DirectX version is 9b, I updated with 9c.

No exclamation symbol under device manager/Sound/Soundmax.

My soundmax driver is the latest.

Thanks very much for listening to this amateur !! Anymore ideas !! Will try anything !!

Well some other people may have some other ideas. You might just be better off updating to a better sound card.

A cheap starting point is getting a used Creative Labs SBLive from Ebay for $10.00 U.S.

Like this puppy for example (CT4830):…81&rd=1

Disclaimer:I have nothing for sale on Ebay!

This card with the kX drivers… but that’s another story.

Run DXDIAG again and go to the tab(s) labeled SOUND and see if there is any mention of a problem.

You might try uninstalling the drivers for your sound card and then rebooting. I assume this is an onboard card, so moving to a different slot is not a possibility.

Maybe someone else has some other ideas.

I dont know if this addresses your problem but it might. From the FAQ page here:
2.d - Q: I cannot hear the ‘live’ sound input while playing back the song I am trying to add a track to. I can add new tracks, but I cannot hear them as they are being recorded.
A: You have to activate input monitoring from the soundcard mixer software or Windows Volume control: from the recording sources view make sure that the checkboxes corresponding to the desired recording sources are checked, and in the same manner from the playback view activate the input sources you want to hear. You may choose any combinations: monitor but don’t record, record but don’t monitor etc…
You can find some more info on how to use the Windows Volume Control in the Getting started/Setting the recording levels online help topic.