No Sound While Recording

Sound When Playing But Not Recording

I have to plug in two different ports on my tower in order to do two different things. One for playing without recording and another for recording without hearing. This all takes place on the back side of the tower. I also have a 1/8 female port in front of the tower but it has a headphone picture on it and no sound will come from that ( not even headphones ) How can I get sound while recording. I have surround sound SB Audigy DC8.

What does Creative call the SB Audigy DC8? I’d like to look at the config in docs for your exact card. I can’t tell what might be the problem from your description. Tower? You computer? Are both ports on the same card I assume? Some creative cards have a shares port that is used as both input and output depending on how it’s configed. That’s why I’d like to look at the docs for your specific card. Creative can be very creative at times. Would this happen to be a Dell with an OEM Audigy Dell installed?