No Sound

I had a previous version on N-Track on another computer and used it extensively. When that comp died I bought the new version and put it on my new computer. The problem is I can’t get any sound to record. All the volume levels are set properly, both with the computer and the guitar equipment. However, there is either no sound or the sound is very, very soft and there is a much louder static on the track. Does anyone have an idea as to what might be causing this? Thanks.

does the RECORD VU meter show a movement when you play your guitar ? -

if it does and you cant record anything it more than likely that you have not set the “record to” option correctly -

in new versions of N, all tracks are set to “not record” by default, so it does not matter what you do it will not record -

on the left hand edge of the track you wish to record to, if the little round button is grey it wont record - click on the button and set to record to options to suit - button will turn red - it will now record -

if the record VU meter does not move, run through preferences again and check that “keep audio devices open” box is ticked -

if you dont have a blank audio track on the screen, (unlike earlier versions, N does not open blank track(s) automatically as it used to when you click on the live button) you now have to insert blank track(s) manually before you click on the live button for anything to happen -