No sound

On older ntrack project

I just installed 3.3 after using 2.2 for the last several months. i opened a project done on 2.2. clicked the play button. scroll bar moves through the tracks, the track mixer vu’s are bouncing nicely. however, nothing is audible…the master channel vu’s are just sitting there dead. i am only using basic tracks…no aux sends or groups and very few “classic” plugins. there is just no sound. i loaded a different project done on 2.2 and it plays nicely. so, what am i missing? i know its simple… :(

sorry to bother everone… i must have an effect that is buggy cuz when i clicked the little green fx button “off” everything started to play…
thanx anyway…i know help was on the way… :)

AH HA!!!

There’s a long past bug in some older versions of n-Tracks where the settings of some existing plug-ins will be set to zero after opening the song in a newer version.

The fix is to open each plug-in and reselect the settings. If a slider is at 80% (for example) move it off of 80% then slide it back. Do that for every setting in every plug-in.

Also, if the version of n-Tracks you are using has the phase buttons, click to reset them as well.

This can be a real pain, but that should fix the problem. I’d be surprised if this isn’t it.

i think you are correct…i disabled the plugins on one track and it played like a champ. so i went through all the tracks and removed and replaced each plug in and everything is back to normal. fortunately, i only had 5 tracks each with a couple of plugins that were set close to preset levels so it wasn’t a real big deal. my other 10 songs have already been mixed down so i won’t have to do that to them…whew!!!
thanx for the help…at least i know i was close to being on the same track as what you suggest…