Nocents's soundfont question

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Good topic Jeff-

I've never used Sfonts or vst instruments and could use a little help.

I downloaded SFZ SF player and can't get an sounds either as a stand-alone or inside N-track.

The midi ligh is blinking when I play so I know midi is going in,

I have a few known good fonts to test and they load fine but no sound.

How do these vst instruments work anyway? Do they play through the host or into it? Do you record the midi, audio, or both?

I'll be honest and say I don't know *@!*#! about it. Will anyone help me come out of the stone age?

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Ok. With sfz, you need to make sure of a few things. You need to make sure the settings for program, channel, etc. are the same for your midi file and your player. If they are different, then this will screw things up. it is best to simply turn off all channel settings for your tracks when using vsti's because you don't need them. Second, with soundfont players specifically: you need to make sure that the sound is listed in the "program" and "channel" windows. If it is not, you need to select it. otherwise you won't hear anything. Sometimes the sound is on the last program or channel, so it doesn't load automatically. Third: you need to make sure to send your audio to the vsti. Right click on the midi track and select "output to->". This will send the midi info to the right track. Also, have you attempted to use any other vsti's? you should try a couple of other vstis (some without a lot of settings, so you know you have a sound when it loads up). See if you are getting sound that way. let us know what works and is going on.


And don’t forget: press the LIVE button!

For it to work well, you’ll need to set your system up for low latency. Otherwise there’ll be a delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound.

If you’re using a premium soundcard, use the ASIO driver, or use the WMA driver and configure the buffering for low latency.

If you’re using a built-in or low-cost soundcard (no ASIO driver), download and install Wuschell’s Asio4All (google it to find it). On my system, I have to open the asio4all control panel when the player is NOT running or it hangs, so set it up before starting N and SFZ. Anything under 15 milliseconds of latency should be OK, and under 7 or so is almost unnoticeable (unless you’re pretty darn sensitive to it). Many early MIDI synths didn’t respond much faster than this.