noise gates

any suggestions?

i’m looking for noise gates to use on both bass and electric guiar, anyone have any suggestions of ones that I may try out. Free is always good but any ideas are welcome.


Not really what you’re asking for, but any guitar amp/cab modeler, like a Johnson J-Station, will have a noise gate built-in as one of the effects. Looks like they’re going for $50-$75 on ebay.

If you record guitar, an amp/cab modeler like this is very handy.


Hardware or software? “Free” would have to mean software. You already have a software gate that works just fine, it came with the program.

Remember the Blue Line plug ins? I know folks had mixed feelings about some of them, but I though that the noisegate is as good as it gets - it comes with ADSR envelope controls. Very useful. :)

For hardware, there is a 1/2 rack dbx noisegate that shows up on ebay all the time - what its it, the 663? 263? Anyway, they go cheap, like 25 bucks US. Lemme go look it up…

edit: I think it was the 363, but there are none for sale right now…

Thx for the replies, yes I meant software. Sorry.

Yeah. Any software compressor in which the GUI involves an upward slopping “line” can be used as both a gate and/or compressor. Some comps using other gui’s do as well. For example, the mda dynamics FX has a “gate” control. But the fasoft works perfectly well. In fact, a lot better than, say, the mda one. IMHO.


Well, I use the fasoft one, it does what’s needed ususally. On the other hand, you don’t really need a gate, if you can stand hand-drawing volume evolutions. that often works better anyway, since signals vary so much over time, and it’s hard to find the optimal setting on a gate - that’s always sort of a compromise.

But do check out the blue line one, it really does have some unusual options.

Well, i dont want to appear stupid, appearances are deceptive though, but what GUI. Thx


GUI = Graphical User Interface. Or; what the screen looks like. Took me a while to figure out…then I asked! :p


Floorfish is a swell free gate/expander.

Oh, Yeah, I forgot floorfish! Shame on me… just remember that it doesn’t play well with some other plugins. But it’s very useful. :)

I’ve had the same experience, Tom. All the DigitalFish plugs seem to conflict with PeakCompressor (which i really, really, really like).

Anyway, the FaSoft Compressor works quite nicely as a gate.


I don’t know what the deal is with PeakComp. There seem to be a lot of plugs that blow up next to it. Everytime I get a crash in N I can look at the crash report from XP and it is almost always peakcomp.dll that is at fault. But it is such a great plug.

Thx for all the replies. I tried out the BlueLine gate and it seemed to work very well, ill try some others later.
Thx all