Noise In USB Mixer Cable

Long Cable from mixer to computer

The USB cable that I use to run from my mixer to my computer was too short(4’)
So I picked up a new printer cable that’s 15’ long ,but its picking up noise…I can see it on the VU meters.
Is this the correct cable to use?
Or could there be a heavier cable to use for this?

The short cable I have no noise :(

Thanks for any advice


Well… try this, take both ends and give them a squeeze so that they make a more solid contact when you insert them. Let me know if that worked.


also, if it is not a shielded cable make sure it is not touching any other wires on it’s 15ft stretch.

I don’t know if the same laws apply to USB cables as they do for XLR and Midi but that’s allz I could think of off the top…lot’s of air up that high :agree:

dontcare :cool:

I don’t think it’s a bad conection because if I move the conection for a better contact there no change. I kinda think it’s a sheilding problem…As yes I do have tons of wires, back there…I moved the cable out in the open…same noise.
For some reason I don’t think the printer cable is the right one to use from a mixer to the PC…what do you think?

I use the Yammy MW4 Mixer, I’m not sure if theres another way to conect it to the PC

Thanks guys

Bad cable.


It was on sale, It can’t be bad :laugh: Down to the ole celler I go looking for another old printer cable.
I may just have one 6’ and that would work for me as long as the noise goes away

Thanks Paco and DC.


the distance is going to make a difference sometimes too.

IF you are using one of those old TV like computer monitors they are notorious for putting out magnetic interference, that coupled with a long unshielded cable, trouble in the making.

Just be glad it’s not a MOTU, cause then you’d be looking at a proprietary cable (looks like firewire but regular firewire won’t work, no sir ??? those cables are like $30 aftermarket. eek :disagree:

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Interested to see how this works out as that USB is pushing digital, not analog. I bet a nickle the USB cable has nothing to do with it as it will either work or not.

Midi cables also only pushing digital not audio but yet they are notorious for producing ground hum on audio devices they are connected to (like mixers, FX) if not grounded or the power conditioned properly so go figure.

From what I gather it’s not the “Cable” introducing hum into an audio signal it is the device it is connected to that is receiving voltages and that is becoming an audible hum (like in a computer for example)…

I don’t mean to contradict you Bubba or one up or anything so juvenile but it is a known fact that certain things in the environment of computer recording lend themselves to producing hum, cables are part of that environment as far as I can tell, and it may happen with one cable and not the other of different lengths and manufactures, why is anyone’s guess.

dontcare :cool:

Ah, I follow that. Indeed. Electrical BS bleeding via chassis to actual analog stuff.