noise.... "bong bong bong"?

hey just bought it yesterday and i love it simple to use and easy to understand but… why do i get like a copywrite thing over my track after i mixdown? its like thig bong bong bong noise… how do i make it stop…

Sounds like your registration failed OR you are using a 24 bit soundcard with a 16 bit license. Check your settings in the REC and Playback VU meters by clicking the little hammer icon. If you can’t get the noise to go away, email Flavio by clicking on SUPPORT over on the left menu bar here in the forum.


it’s almost like a copywrite gaurd or something… i dont know what it’s called but it’s driving me crazy

If everything registered properly, you should not get the “ding-dong-dang!” sound. Is it only on mixdown tracks? When you playback the song within n-Track as a multi-track song is the “ding-dong-dang!” sound there?

Oh and check to make SURE you are doing a 16 bit mixdown if you purchased the 16 bit license. I think you can choose 32 bit or 24 bit mixdown in the 16 bit licensed version BUT it WILL insert the funky tones on the resulting mixdown. If all else fails… drop Flavio a note. He usually sorts these things out quickly.

Good luck!