Noise Reduction VST?

My wavepad editor has gone daft, and any file I save with it (.wav) is not recognised by N…so I need a good noise reduction vst.

Any ideas anyone?


You try re-installing a new download of wavepad?

I have not found a good free one. There’s a couple for sale I’d like but can’t afford. I solved my editing gig noise problem by insisting the guy buy a top quality Audio Technica lapel mic with noise reduction.

Good luck!

Thanks Tommy.

I guess I’ll have to dig out the codes… :disagree:

It does seem to be wavepad that ‘all of a sudden’ is acting stoopid.
I’ll give it a go cheers.



They won’t let me reinstall without paying 35USD for the upgrade…


bummer dude. Levi would say that’s a built in failure to get your money! :whistle: