Nomad Factory

Fairchild emulation

Anyone here tried this? It’s a Fairchild emulation by Nomad factory, here:

I haven’t bought any plug ins for a long time, but I’ve been messing with this over the week demo period, and I am gonna splurge.

So what does it do that the usual freebies don’t?

This looks like a Pre-Amp Modeler… to me…


This thing should make “Magic Tracks”…

Quote (teryeah @ Jan. 26 2007,20:38)
So what does it do that the usual freebies don't?

Well, it has a sound, a sound I like; I don't have much of an idea what a real Fairchild sounds like in person, never having been in the same room as one (that I know of), but this seems to produce results that are close to what I've heard on records. Compared to, say, the fishphones comp (as an example of a good freebie with some character), it sounds much more real. More depth. A whole lot more depth. It has even more "realness" than the PSP vintage warmer, which I think sounds pretty darn good. The tube emulation is nearly as good as real tubes - and that's really saying something, since no plugins that emulate tubes I've ever tried have really quite had it. For 150 usa dollars it kills.

Also, for the most part, I like the sound of even inexpensive outboard hardware comps better than most plugins. Something about electrons doing things in real components... But this is one of those plugins that sounds quite a bit better than the comps I have access to, e.g., my bellari la120, which is in the same sonic realm, or the several dbx units I have (nothing fancy, just low end dbx stuff).

Then again, could just be gas... :D

Hey Tom,
I have rented a Fairchild 670…truly amazing Limiter and probably on 80% of the mastering done before 1988 which explains why you think it sounds like most of the music you have heard…I will download the demo and toy around with it to see how it compares…I have never heard any software that comes close to the real thing (comp, pre, verb…)…for a little more than that 150 you could have a real 1176 which is THE sound of rock…drop me a line you ol’ scavenger :)


Ii KkNnOoWw… You see… if you had this plug it would wet the appetite to go get the “Real Thing”…

But trying to find one of them would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack… If anyone had one of these… why would they want to part with it?


I just wanted to put that up here.

Someday I will scavange one of these, Ray, you will see, and you will recognize my greatness, and lo, I will be transcendent, and you will genuflect at the alter of my greatness, with a great greatness.

BTW, the pic comes from a cool website:

Anyway, ray, if you could do the comparison, it would be very cool. But I like the plugin enough that I’m already planning on buying it.

Um, you got an 1176 you want to sell me? :)

And who wants a rock and roll sound? I hate that satanic music. You know that. :)

Go check my soundclick page for the stupid song of the day. It is mashed a bit with the nomad plugin. “Last Night’s Revision.”

Ain’t she purty :)…and she sounds even better than she looks…I can rent one for 50$ a day here in Cinci…you should hear a vocal thru it!..not to mention a mix…I think I read there were a few of these floating around Abbey Road…


You can rent one for 50 bucks a day? I wonder if I can?

Hmm. Vintage King is not too far from here…

You tried the Glory Comp? I can just imagine winning a bit on the lottery and blowing it on that. :)