Noob question

So, to use instruments (in my case, Guitar Rig and Fruityloops), the manual states…

"Some plug-in will refuse to work with mono tracks, reporting an error when you chose them from the list: you can either chose to use them only on stereo tracks or check the option “expand mono tracks to stereo” from the Preferences/General dialog box."

Fair enough. But I cannot, for the life of me, find this option anywhere to check.

Please, help a brother out…


I’m not sure that feature exists… You may have to do a render/mixdown to stereo wav then import the new stereo wav back in. That’s what I’d do.

Bring up the properties for the track - ( by double clicking the track name in the mixer) - and select “Expand track to stereo”

Learn somethin’ new everyday! :agree:

I’ve not had a problem with plug-ins, but you might try: if you are running a mono track, put the plug-in on the Master or send the track to a group that is set to stereo.

I frequently record stereo track and then split them to mono tracks to do my mixing. My sound card is stereo (always two channel out - one channel can’t be selected, everything is in pairs) so even mono is handled as seperate feeds. I have the audio setting (the hammer under the record and play meters) set to stereo. I have not set this to Mono to see if that would cause the problem you discribe, but I am not sure if settings of stereo or mono whould change anything if both sides of the recording are identical - I can play mono tracks, but two channels are always involved. If you have a mono sound card , I would think there could be all sorts of issues. ( I beleive even low-end cards play back stereo but may record in mono)

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Learn somethin' new everyday! :agree:

I try too! :)

i love the “expand mono track to stereo” box. I check it all the time, even when i shouldn’t :agree: