Not 2...Not 4

But Three

Holy Mollie…

Bruffie (52) >bruffie2 (52) >creepyunclebill (39) >wolfbrutha (37)

I’m thinking bruffie2 is one-in-the-same

Happy Birthday Gents…


Happy birthday everyone!

So Bruffie (Young Billy Idol) is only a half year older than I? Bruff, you need to join with the band I’m currently playing with. We need a lead vocalist anyways! We call ourselves ‘Touch Of Grey’ after the G-Dead song. A bunch of 50 something rockers trying not to rock in a chair just yet!


Ha! I would neither describe Bruffie as “young”, nor “Billy Idol”, but he is certainly an all-round good guy.
I feel privileged to know him as a friend.

Happy Birthday!

i cant say he’s a good friend ,but i’d bet he’d make a hell of a vocalist,looks like he’s already gota nice fan base anyways…happy b day man,many more to ya!

HBD y’all!

Birthday wishes all around!

Yep, have a good one.

Happy birthday Ian, both of you (so, what’s the score then, one of you pays for the drinks and the other one drinks them, or what? :D) anyway, lang may yir lum reek ye auld fart! :)

And happy birthday you other two. I don’t know who you are, or even if you exist, but if you do, then please accept my best wishes and hopes that your existence continues as you’d want it to. :)


Thanks Guys,
Sorry for the delayed reply. Been travelling!

Ali, I admit to being an auld fart :)

Beefy, I’m touched matey…

Yaz, missed your birthday while I was away. Hope you had a good one and sign me up for the band.

Bill, I think I created Bruffie by mistake one night after one too many Vodkas :)

To everyone… Thanks for the wishes. It’s kind of nice to be around this forum.

BTW… Why can’t I ----ing log in?

Hi Gents:
It’s strange/weird that after these “Board Rebuilds” that some of the regular posters are recognized (by the rebuilt Board) while others are not. I’ve seen past rebuilds where it is never the same registered members… and most times different IP addresses… If I remember, it seems that the guys that were unable to log-on had to delete their “Cookies” to be able to Log-on with their Id’s…

Maybe, one of you might be able to confirm that…



BTW… Why can’t I ----ing log in?

Ethics filter.

Some of the recent posts have been identified as morally questionable, as have the writers of those posts.

So, in the interests of spiritual purity and moral pulchritude, certain former members have been disallowed from logging on.

You Bruffie, are the main culprit, (although Bill is borderline, and at present is still under investigation).

However, it is possible to redeem yourself.

40 days of fasting, sexual abstinence, self flagellation (or if you have a terrible aim, flagellation of anyone else nearby will do), and at least 8 hours per day of reading the Bible/Koran/The Story of O, will possibly suffice.

Blessings upon you, and for the sake of your soul, please try to amend your ways. :(

Self filtered actually. I typed ----ing as I recall it being used extensively in a Terry Pratchett book. Not sure what it means but it seems somehow appropriate :)

I will try the repentance methods Ali. Don’t know if I can handle the fasting, the missus will be happy to help with the sexual abstinence, there are a couple of people I wouldn’t mind handing out some flagellation to,and I will try 8 hours a day reading the Book of Om…should do the trick!

Bill… The screen actually welcomes me and tells me that I’m logged on. However, I still appear as ‘guest’. Frustrating :angry:

Hey Bill,

I checked the Control Panel and, sure enough, bruffie2 was created at 4.30am one morning. Not doubt under the influence of one or two Vodkas :)

At least I managed to log in today, albeit at work.

Back Again:
Bruffie… If you’re gonna be under the influence, Vodka is a good shine to do it with…

What you are saying is correct, then… You are able to log-on at your work/computer IP address… There may be a filter that is blocking your ability to log on with your home IP Address…

You Bruffie, are the main culprit, (although Bill is borderline, and at present is still under investigation).


I always seem to find myself on One-List-or-Another… Geeeezeee… lol…

I’m looking for a “Check-Mark” remover… I’m hearing that this Application/Utility works wonders at getting your name removed from “Questionable” lists… all over cyberspace… :O :laugh: :p

Ali-T… Am I correct? You people had a big election over there? Did IT involve, people where you live? Or am I imagining that?


(woxnerw @ May 27 2007,09:55)
Ali-T.. Am I correct? You people had a big election over there? Did IT involve, people where you live? Or am I imagining that?


Well, some of us had a smaller election than others, but I'd better not elucidate, otherwise I might get stung by the morality filter :D


I hear you Beefy Steve:
All of this voting in the name of democracy… Lately, we over here have been voting in governments that don’t have a clear mandate to operate… They (the governments) need the support of opposition backbenchers to pass legislation… Now sometimes, that good government… But when the governments are brought down by non-confidence politics the voting public really don’t have any idea what it costs to go to the people to put on another vote… Anyway…


Hey Bruffie, was having same problem logging in here, thought maybe it was because I’m now using Vista, anyways TomS sent me llink to older page I guess, not puter savvy here. more Cowboys and Indians savvy, must be the age thingy.

BTW, practice is Thursday night, already have you a mic (EV), 15"/wHorn monitor(Yamaha) and drink holder(beer or Vodka) set up!

Beefy Steve, the “morality filter” or “moronity filter” ? I can never distinguish between the 2. LOL

There I go opening another can of worms, oh well.