Not All Songs Are Pretty

Or 3 minutes Longs

Mixed in headphones, not mastered.

Your wife’s gotta appreciate that lyric!? huh?!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You been puttin too much lime in the coconut again, ain'tcha?

that is fabulous.

I’m a big fan of the unique and different, this is right up there, great guitar work woven in there, very fuuuuunnnnny! and real good! Drop me a line when you finish a final version, cant wait, :agree:

i can’t quite find the tonal center, and i couldn’t be happier! marvelous, marvelous experimentation. captain beefheart meets the talking heads meets the divorce lawyer. what a great track. i love creativity and original thought; therefore, i love this. that bass over the subwoofer is a nice thump.

more vox in the mix.

OH yes! Could put this right on Bongo Fury!
With a Roy Estrada vocal! I love it! :agree:

Thanks gents, for giving it a listen. It’s been a rough couple-a-weeks around my house. I have been ripping out carpet & installing cork flooring with the “Help!” of my wife.

Inspiration from "Help!"


When I was younger so much younger than today
I could rip out any carpet any way.
But now those days are gone I not so self-assured
Now I find a shag’s a pain and I’ve busted up the door.

Help me get these pieces off the ground.
And I do appreciate your help when you’re around
Help me getting up I’ve fallen down
Won’t you please help me cork the floor!

This is probably what music should be all about :agree: (not the subject matter of course!! Although that included…)
I love weird stuff like this. In a strange way reminded me of ‘Give out but don’t give up’ by Primal Scream. You probably don’t know those guys and probably wouldn’t think they sounded similar, but…ahhh…whatever. I dig it :cool:


Like it duffmun! Original and cool! :agree:

NONE of my songs are :laugh: