Not enough

Alternative Rock

Hi @ all! :)
Please listen to my new song and tell me what you think about it! I played, sung, and recorded everything; Constructive critic highly apreciated! :D

Click the following link to hear the song at 128kbps: Not enough
(The song is quite long)

More songs at my website:Empty Days

You obviously have spent a great deal of time on this song. All the instruments are well played and the recording is very good quality. If this was done with ntrack in a home studio setting I would say it is an excellent job. The mix is very good too with varying dynamics.

There are a few things I don’t like (personal opinion). The song does not hold together as one piece of music but goes from theme to theme. I thought the synths do not sound very organic (is that a contradiction?)

I applaud your effort. Something like this is much more involved than I have the determination to attempt.


Hi digitcallous!
Thanks for hearing the song. :)
Yes, I recorded it using only n-track with my pc (its the first time I post one of my songs here).
I guess you’re right about the synths sound problem, I played them through a cheap casio keyboard and the strings sound very artificial. :;):

Hey Carlos,

I took a listen to your song.
I think the music and production is great. you’ve definitly done your home work on recording instuments. I especially like the way the music comes to a couple of stops, and at the 4.20 area how it breaks back down to acuostic.

The rest is just personal prefference. I really didn’t care for the over the top keyboard violins. Then again I’ve never been a fan of that in any song. Also the vocal was a little to mundain for my taste. It just lacked pazzaz, melodicaly it just left me unfufilled. The echoe verb on the vox seemed a bit overkill. I would try using a cleaner vocal at least for part of the song just to give a variety to it. You certainly have variety in the music, but the vocals just run straight through without a change of any kind.
That’s about all I can suggest and remain constructively freindly. If your intersested in my further thoughts on what can be done to improve it, Pm me. I’d rather not disclose further critique in this public forum.

keep trackin’


Hey Carlos,

You might also want to try turning down the volume on the strings, and trying a compressor on the drums. They seem to be very quiet. Are they synth drums or live?


hey many thanks for your reviews :)
this christmas i finally got some “decent” monitors (All my past songs including “not enough” had been mixed through big headphones, so that could be the problem with the strings being too loud (or maybe the problem is that I just suck mixing - thats more probable :D )
The drums are only a drum-machine (I just can’t find a drummer :( ), Next time I will use a compressor on them, thanks :)

Hey carlos!
your song is great!
what set-up do you use? soundfonts for the strings? what is the name of the soundfont?
the voices are good, but the background voice in my opinion its too loud… you can add a third high voice with very little volume,… you can add that drama you want…
the stops are great,… nice work!
how did you record the acoustic guitar¡?.. is well recorded… you might want to dd a little reverb (or flanger) … it can add more clarity and feeling to the song…

Hi lesete! :)
thanks for your comments =)
I plugged my electric guitar to a Zoom Multi-effects-processor and then directly to my sound-card; I played the bass directly to the preamp in my soundcard; the strings i used were some combination of default strings from my casio ctk keyboard (no soundfonts); the vocals were done with a behringer condenser mic and the drums with a Zoom drum machine;

hey, that idea with the third voice sounds good, i will try that as soon as i have got time to record again

i recorded the acoustic guitar using the behringer mic placed about 20cm away from the last fret of the guitar, and i didn’t put any effects on that track, next time I’ll try to put some reverb (or flanger :;): ) on it.

thanks again for taking the time to hear the song! :D