not in a contest, but...

you can listen anyway

being laid up doesn’t leave we with a lot to do, besides dream up songs.

recording them is a different animal. the voice parts were done on all fours, and the instruments are played lying on my back. so, it’s not the best, or easiest, but it’s better than watching vh1classic reruns of top 80’s videos or whatever.

it’s called “can’t tell you”, it’s pretty sparse and simple for my stuff, relatively speaking. it’s right here:
in my present condition it took two whole days to do-3 instruments and 3 voices.
lyrics included. have fun. good luck to craig in the contest!

Well it’s official - I hate you now. You’re getting to be the biggest jerk here.

When you run out of pain meds. I wanna hear part 2 of this one. :peace:

well, i am down to the last single vicodin. and that sucks, cuz they do help. a lot.
what do the kids say these days, don’t hate the playa’, hate the game?

why you got so much hate, anyway?

once i take the last vicodin, i’ll probably be filled with rage too. i have the pain tolerance of a 3-year-old.

i tried to do some strectches the chiropractor set me up with. homework, i guess. they get the hate flowing, too.


why you got so much hate, anyway?

Oh I dunno - guess the sound of your guitar and the lick in the tune just sort of evoked some deep inner resentment that you can simply do what you do, and it would be hard work for me and I'd never get close. Or not. All kidding aside.... another great production Jason. You know I lubya. :agree:

Nice mellow toon there bro…

I like the subtlety (spelling?) of the bass!!

Easily worthy of any contest submission.

(know how you feel by the way…pain was so bad I had to have a disc out a few years ago… :disagree: )

Bass is speled:

IF it weren’t for Jason and the rest of you I’d be bored of music.

Let me add: darn good song, JDET. May you suffer for your art, but nto too long.

*surgery is still on the table as an option, pending an mri that insurance doesn’t want to spring for.

i (eye) just wanted the bass (base) as a pulse, nothing more (moor). i think i got what i wanted.
as for the rest of it, pops, i can’t simply do much of anything. the natural talent isn’t there (their/they’re). it’s all work and book lernin’. it was very much a labor. but idle (idol) hands are the devil’s workshop.
it took two whole days, and the bass and electric guitar were each done in one take. that’s staggering math for the acoustic guitar, voices, and trying to eq all the harshness out of the entire thing. i’ve got a 15-band eq plugin on every track, i think, plus a 31-band for the mastering sequence. it takes a lot of work to make it sound like it wasn’t work. and don’t get me started on trying to make the digital reverb on the main voice NOT sound like digital or reverb, but still have the space/presence reverb brings. oooftah.

which verb did you use?

i messed with a couple before i settled on ‘room machine 844’, i think it’s called.


being laid up doesn't leave we with a lot to do, besides dream up songs.

Time well spent. I might try playing on my back or singing on all fours, but I suspect it wouldn't turn out near this well. I also like that your songwriting keeps taking unexpected turns.

Excellent vocals, good guitar sound, I love the tremelo on the right side, the song really paints a picture. Sullen, smooth. Another good one from you. :agree:

Very good JDET, I enjoyed alot!

Stay laid up for a few days more (without the pain obviously). That’s great work :agree:

I know a remedy for back pains of all sorts, take a big hammer and smash your big toe. That way your back will hurt so much you won’t even think about your back.

Or stand on your head in a corner and repeat 10 times fast:
O watta goo siam O watta goo siam O watta goo siam

Get well soon Jason!

thanks. things seemed to have leveled off in the last week, but no progress being made, either. so i guess either surgery at some point, or semi-functional for the remainder of days. or a sudden turn of events. who knows? two weeks ago, even with occaisonal nerve pain, i was playing basketball, live worship music and working just fine. you just never know.

new song in the works, but it seems to be a step down from this last one. we’ll see if i can tinker with it some more before the monumental trek of recording. now, if i can figure out how to play brushes upside-down…

Sounds real good Jason! Thx for sharing! Keep writing and recording cowboy.