Not loud enough

Hi, up until recently I have been recording using a POD2 into a mixer then into my PC. All ok, no problems - however, I have started to notice that the the POD sounds are not really to my taste and I want to go back to basics. So, I’ve taken the POD out of the loop completely and now plug my guitar into my amp and my amp into the mixer via the amp line out. Unfortunately, I now discover that the volume level is way too low to record properly unless i crank the amp right up. The POD obviously boosts the signal enough but my question is - what do I need to put into the loop to get back a reasonable volume level? The amp is a Marshall Valvestate 65w, the mixer is a behringer 1002 and the PC is running n-tracks 4.

Any help would be appreciated. (I’ve also posted this over on Audiominds as I think it is probably a bit of a newbie question really)

Um, turn up the level on your mixer?

Try going striaght from your gat to your mixer and check what the levels are like by comparison. Check your mixer to see if the gain and level pots are both at a reasonable volume…

Failing all that, mic the amp.

Quote (lemon @ Nov. 07 2005,17:22)
Failing all that, mic the amp.

nods yep. mac told me once to mic a guitar in a fridge. never tried it, though. I supposed you would want to unplug the fridge first. Unless you want your guitar to sound really cool. (insert groan here.)


The answer to this may surprise you - apparently it is a known problem that Marshall VS65R amps have a seriously underpowered line out. I used another amp and all is now ok.

huh… that’s weird. Well, glad you got it worked out. BTW, what amp did you end up using?

I ended up using a Marshall G30R CD and it worked perfectly. Does anybody happen to know how I can boost the line out signal from the other amp ?

Feed it into a preamp, compressor, or other line level device. Adjust the vol on the device to taste.

if the line level is way low try putting it into a mic input of your mixer; start with the pot all the way down and turn it up slowly.